Rhome, TX
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Owners Darryl Shelton and Pilar Suarez
Darryl Shelton and Pilar Suarez

This Right at Home office is located in Rhome, Texas. Right at Home Rhome is actually the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work, prayers and sacrificing from Darryl & Nancy Shelton and Dario Lara & Pilar Suarez. While Pilar and Darryl are the faces of Right at Home Rhome, the four of them have been involved with this dream from the very beginning. That’s why they’re very proud to say they truly are a “locally owned and family operated business”. Darryl and Pilar are very passionate about taking care of and safeguarding the needs of seniors. They consider what they have been blessed with as a “calling” that has been entrusted to them with much responsibility and accountability.

Dario and Pilar have been married for twelve years and have two amazing boys, Santiago (11) and Daniel (8), both proudly born in United States, but raised in Colombia. Dario and Pilar had always dreamed of moving to the United States and investing in a business where they could provide for their children and give something back to their community. And, with the help of Darryl and Nancy, they were able to achieve that dream with opening-up Right at Home Rhome. Pilar has a degree in Business Administration and has worked with the “start-up” of several small business in Colombia. Dario, who is now retired, has thirty successful years in the Telecommunications industry. He supports the business with sales and marketing strategies and planning. Pilar serves as the Administrator, taking care of and managing the day-to-day affairs in the office. Together, they stay very busy with their two children – enjoying their sporting events, going on nature walks and partaking in numerous cultural events and activities.

Darryl SheltonIn the thirteen years that Darryl and Nancy have been married, they’ve also dreamed of someday owning a business. And, after the persuading of Darryl’s late father and joining together with Dario and Pilar, they were able to do just that. Nancy has been working in the banking industry pretty much ever since she and her parents emigrated here from Colombia. She currently serves as a Vice-President in Risk Management with a Fortune 500 mortgage bank. After a career in the Army, Darryl worked in sales and currently serves as the Director of Sales & Community Services. Darryl and Nancy love to spend time together watching movies, riding on Darryl’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle, serving in their local church and enjoying quality time with their grandchildren and nephews.

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