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February 2019 

"They have been there when I needed them to be. They are like family to me. There is no other way to describe it. It has gone beyond a business relationship."

- Roger T.

February 2019

"The aides that they provided for my mother were very caring and were very educated in how to take care of my mother. They were super friendly and a wonderful caregiver."

- Sheri

January 2019 

"Our last caregiver was outstanding. She was with my wife for about a year until she had to go to a memory unit in Southlake, Texas."

- Charles

January 2019 

"The people that they employ that take care of my mom are outstanding. They're very patient, understanding, and helpful. My life was rough beforehand, and they've improved it greatly."

- Kathy F.

“Years ago, my wife and I made a decision. We do not want to spend the last days of our lives in a nursing home. Our decision was fact-based. We had seen first-hand that nursing patients were all too often neglected as well as over-sedated. Patients on homecare had more control of their lives and seemed happier in their more familiar home surroundings. So we set aside a part of our earnings to plan for long-term care when the need arose. Two years ago, I was diagnosed as having psoriatic arthritis. A few months later, the diagnosis was altered to include stage 4 lung cancer. We adjusted our lives to fit our mew circumstances. Our son, who is single, moved back home to assist in maintaining our home and assisting with my care. We recruited a small army of family and friends to help with my care. This arrangement worked well, but it soon became obvious that my wife, as my central caretaker, was burdened with an untenable work load. It was time to use our long-term care insurance. We researched the long-term care providers who served our area. Two firms surfaced as consistently providing the best care. We arranged to interview both of these firms and decided that Right at Home was the best fit for our situation. Our first day experience was disappointing in that we felt she spent too much time on her phone. At the end of that first day, Right at Home supervisor same by to see how things had gone. We shared our concerns about excessive phone time, but indicated we felt that was a minor issue. The nest day, Right at Home introduced us to a new caretaker. I could hardly have been more pleased. She is a wonderful Christian woman with an incredible work ethic who obviously cares if I live or die. She arrives for work on time, makes sure I take my medications and vitals, makes sure I have a bath, clean clothes, get the exercise I need, drink lots of fluids, eat healthy and keep my mind active. She is always looking for something to do, particularly, things that will lighten my wife’s work load. She is the most important person in my life, so I am probably your most satisfied customer. ”


“I just wanted to thank you all for the love and support I felt while having your services. You all were very professional and at the same time, very supportive and compassionate. I especially want to thank Lou (Right at Home caregiver). She is an angel. I do not know what I would have done without her. Even when her new grandson was born, she was still here with Ron. He told me more than once how he loved her. She took such great care of him and myself. She is such an asset to your company. She held me when I was crying…she was very patient with me. If Lou of anyone at Right at Home needs a reference I will gladly give you one. ”

- Judy

“Thank you all. Each and every one of you caregivers went above and beyond for my sister. We so appreciated everything you did. Kelly one of her last wishes was her hair was washed , so I will never forget that(washing her hair) Thank you all again. ”

- Ann & Cindy

“My name is Mike Riley. I moved my mother Juanita Riley to our home around Christmas in 2016. She had lived in Kilgore for many years. Mother was no longer able to take care of herself as she had trouble getting around and was exhibiting signs of dementia. I drove to Kilgore every other weekend to spend Sundays with her. I took her to church and fed her lunch. When mother was out on the driveway at 2:00 am looking for my father who had passed some thirty years prior, I had to do something. We moved mother from Kilgore to our home. I run a business which my wife participates in also. It became apparent someone had to be with her continuously to provide and see to her needs. We were fortunate to have an apartment on our property for mother to use. We looked for a caregiver and come upon Right at Home. The owners Darryl and Pilar came to our house and were able to provide the services we desperately needed. We asked that they provide a caregiver from 6 in the morning till 8 in the evening to see after mother’s needs. They were able to provide a caregiver that very day. It was such a blessing to have their help with mother. On a regular basis Pilar and/or Darryl visited with us and mother to make sure all our needs were being fulfilled. All this took place from December 30, 2016 until February 7, 2017 when we enrolled mother into a nursing home due to her deteriorating condition. After mother was placed in the nursing home, my brother Kenneth and his wife Sharon as well as myself and my wife Phyllis visited with mother every day. Kenneth came during the day and I was there in the evening after work. This became a burden for both of us and we asked Right at Home to provide a caregiver at the nursing home on weekends. Thankfully they were able to provide this service for us as soon as we asked. I thank the Lord every day for Right at Home helping us through this very stressful time. I also thank the professional caregivers who were able to see to mother’s needs. Most every day mother wanted to go home back to Kilgore. The caregivers handled the situation very, very well. A special thanks to Taryn Rottman for recognizing a condition mother went through which in the end led to transfer to a nursing home. Just before we transferred mother, I asked Pilar to provide 24 hour service to mother. Pilar came through for us. I highly recommend Right at Home for providing a very professional caregiver service.”

- Mike and Phyllis

“I wanted to thank you all for everything you’ve done for Mom & Dad! I feel like you guys care about us and I appreciate the efforts you make to accommodate our needs. I know Mom can be picky and we are grateful for the things you all do to make sure she is comfortable. We are pleased with the services you all provide and highly recommend you to anyone that is in need of extra care for their parents. Thanks again!”

- Estelle

“I would tell a friend that Right at Home explains things very well, and the caregivers they send are dependable. I was very pleased with their services. Right at Home made my life easier by helping me with day to day stuff.”

- Barbara

“The caregivers from Right at Home are the sweetest things. They are very respectful and don’t act like I am a burden. They enjoy coming over. Not even really knowing me, they really show that they care about me.”

- Betty

“My grandma is very independent and doesn’t like to be bossed. The caregiver doesn’t try to take over and tell her what to do. She just guides her. My grandma also doesn’t like people to who are lazy and the caregiver is not lazy. My grandma really trusts her.”

- Kate

“First of all, all of the people they have sent have been good, and the manager is quick to get someone. They always have someone when I need someone, even at the last minute. They care for my mother and speak with her. They give her personal attention. I look for a caregiver with knowledge, strength, personable, and for someone that is caring. I don’t think I can think of anything they can do to improve. This service has been a life saver to me! Any and EVERY time I call, I get a prompt response and a caregiver within 5 minutes. The caregivers are wonderful, especially Sherry. I never worry about mom when I am away.”

- Kim

“Pilar and Darryl worked with us to find a care provider who exceeded our expectations. We asked for everything in that we were looking for someone who treats our parents as well as we do. The caregiver they found us not only cares for our dad as we do, she also keeps up some of the small things we don't really have time for. They also understand the stresses caused by a family member needing assistance and have worked to help reduce the stress through plan changes and true expressions of care and empathy. We 100% recommend Pilar and Darryl as well as Right At Home to anyone wanting the best care when you can't be there!”

- Dale and Barbara

“When I am needing extra help/assistance, I can count on them to be there. The assistance provided eases concern knowing my parents are being looked after. The quality of help is fantastic!”

- T. Gannon

“Whatever issues I have, like with scheduling, they will work with me. They are flexible. They are reliable, they take care of things, or they will call if something comes up [with dad]”

- Dana

“The caregivers that have come are pleasant and efficient, and do a good job working with him. He has some social interaction that he wasn’t getting before as a result of the care. I can’t think of anything that I would change. They show a good work ethic because they call me regularly letting me know when there is something that they think I should know. They are very flexible with me and go above and beyond what I expected them to do. They take the time to talk to him and seem to have a good understanding of the elderly. They treat him with value. I appreciate their compassion and level of dignity and respect they show my father.”

- Joanne

“She [the caregiver] was really, really good. My mother really liked her. She visited her in the hospital. They did everything I asked them to do. I had no problems”

- Diane

“They take me to my appointments and they take their time with me. They make sure I have everything I need for my appointment. She listens to me. She is not judgmental when I have an issue I want to talk to her about. I can just tell she cares.” “They [office staff] are caring and they listen. They’re just very nice and caring people.” “Right at Home gives me my sense of independence.”

- JoAnn

“Right at Home made life easier for me by cleaning the home and showering me. The caregiver showed a good work ethic by being on time and did not leave until the work was done and worked quickly and did a good job. The caregiver showed compassion by being on time and listening when I had something to say and put her arm around me and told me everything would be okay.”

- Rhonda

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