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Improving Home Care Standards With Client and Caregiver Feedback


What is RightPulse?

RightPulse is a quality satisfaction management program that includes quality measurement and industry benchmarking. By implementing this program, Right at Home is able to measure the satisfaction of both clients and caregivers and use this information to improve the quality of clients’ care and the employment experience of caregivers.

What Does this mean for the RAH Brand?

Right at Home is using this program as part of an overall strategy to measure results and improve service to clients.

Provider of ChoiceHow Does it Work?

Through an automated process, client and caregiver contact names are provided to Home Care Pulse, which generates a random sampling call list. Each client or caregiver will be interviewed by phone no more than once every six months. Clients and caregivers are asked a series of rated, open-ended and clarifying questions. These questions address Client/Caregiver Compatibility, Communication from Provider, Compassion of Caregivers, Work Ethic of Caregivers and the Impact of Right at Home services on a client’s daily life.

Responses from interviews are used to create action plans that are designed to improve the quality of care that we provide or to create plans that will ensure that a happy client can remain satisfied. Responses to interview questions are never shared with anyone except the home care provider. Clients are also given the option to remain anonymous.

Our third-party partner, Home Care Pulse complies with all state and federal confidentiality laws and will never ask our clients for any personal, financial or health information.

Why is this Good for the Consumer?

Right at Home has invested in this program because we are dedicated to providing clients with the best in home services possible and we want assurance that every client is satisfied. We have partnered with Home Care Pulse because they are a third party company that can gather feedback and satisfaction ratings from our clients. This feedback helps us know how we can improve and how we can provide the very best care possible.

Who is Home Care Pulse?

Home Care Pulse is the home care industry’s leading firm in satisfaction research and quality assurance, serving over 1,700 home care businesses across North America. Home Care Pulse is the only satisfaction research firm that specializes in private duty home care.

Along with improving the quality of care provided by Right at Home, Home Care Pulse administers the most prestigious award in the private duty industry, “Best of Home Care.”

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