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Caregiver Kudos

When someone goes above and beyond, like picking up an extra shift, getting some positive feedback from a client, staying late to cover a shift, we give the caregiver a Kudos for their file. At the end of every month we put all the names into a raffle for a $25.00 gift card.

Caregiver Ann-Marie Griffiths-SandersonCaregiver Ann-Marie Griffiths-Sanderson

Caregiver Josh AveryCaregiver Josh Avery

Caregiver Lori RobinsonCaregiver Lori Robinson

Caregiver Dyron ClarkCaregiver Dyron Clark

Caregiver Deontai SampsonCaregiver Deontai Sampson

Caregiver Azya ShadeCaregiver Azya Shade

Caregiver Heather BarberCaregiver Heather Barber

Caregiver Kudos AleshiaCaregiver Kudos Aleshia

Caregiver Kudos AzyaCaregiver Kudos Azya

Caregiver Amanda FoxCaregiver Amanda Fox

Melissa June 2023 KudosMelissa June 2023 Kudos

 Caregiver Lee Buncum Caregiver Lee Buncum

Caregiver KeileighCaregiver Keileigh

Kudos to caregiver AleshiaKudos to caregiver Aleshia

Caregiver Barbara JacksonCaregiver Barbara Jackson

Caregiver Tajayla OdomCaregiver Tajayla Odom

Caregiver Thomas DickinsonCaregiver Thomas Dickinson

Caregiver Aleshia GoldenCaregiver Aleshia Golden

Caregiver PatriciaCaregiver Patricia

Caregiver ThomasCaregiver Thomas

Caregiver DannetteCaregiver Dannette

Caregiver Amariana GastonCaregiver Amariana Gaston

Caregiver Candra HammondCaregiver Candra Hammond

Caregiver Syretta AcostaCaregiver Syretta Acosta

Past Winners

April 2022 - Robin Zavada
March 2022 - Tatiana
February 2022 - Temeka Hinton
January 2022 - Temeka Hinton
December 2021 - Linda Thompson
November 2021 -Gwen
October 2021 - Linda Thompson
September 2021 - Syretta Acosta
August 2021 - Norma Jean
July 2021 - Lane
June 2021 - Deborah
May 2021 - Gwen
April 2021 - Thomas
March 2021 - Whitney Kirk
February 2021 - Kimberly Jameson
November 2020 - Marie Raborn
October 2020 - Sonya
September 2020 - Stephanie Bramel
August 2020 - Carol Pentlin
July 2020 - Julia Moon
June 2020 -Michelle Logan
May 2020 - Tatiana Nguema
April 2020 - Tatiana Nguema

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