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Caregiver Spotlight

At Right at Home Rock Hill, our experienced care team sees the daily impact dedicated caregivers make for adults who rely on in home care services to live life to the fullest on their own terms. We believe our caregivers are our greatest asset, and we want to recognize them for fulfilling our mission and providing our clients the best possible care at home.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We succeed through teamwork and having the best caregivers in the industry. Their professionalism, training, compassion and commitment to our clients and our clients' loved ones is unparalleled and we appreciate all they do. Every year, every month, every day we appreciate our outstanding Caregivers who are going above and beyond to create an amazing experience for our clients in Rock Hill and the surrounding areas. We truly value our outstanding people.

While the difference our caregivers make is priceless, each month we recognize a Right at Home Rock Hill caregiver who has gone above and beyond.

Award Winning Home Care

Employer of Choice 2024
2019 - 2024

2024 March Caregiver of the Month

Heather Barber

Please join us in congratulating Heather Barber as our Employee of the Month for March. Heather is caring and compassionate with her clients and treats every client as if they were family whether the client is permanent or just a fill-in visit for the day. We commend Heather for her dedication and ongoing commitment to her clients.
Caregiver Heather Barber Caregiver Heather Barber

2024 February Caregiver of the Month

Deontai Sampson

Deontai Sampson is our Caregiver of the month for February! Deontai is one of our most highly requested caregivers by our clients. His clients always say he does a fantastic job and our scheduling team can always depend on him to fill in last minute. Deontai has a calming personality and positive attitude. Thank you, Deontai, for being one of our most trusted and responsible caregivers; we look forward to working with you for many years to come!
Caregiver Deontai Sampson Caregiver Deontai Sampson

2024 January Caregiver of the Month

Caitlyn Ayliffe

Congratulations to Caitlyn Ayliffe for being named caregiver of the month for January. Thank you for your commitment to your clients. She connects with the client and their families in such a professional yet personable manner. She provides peace of mind for families and truly loves what she does and who she takes care of.
Caregiver Caitlynn Ayliffe Caregiver Caitlynn Ayliffe

2023 December Caregiver of the Month

Azya Shade

Azya Shade is our Caregiver of the Month for December. We would like to thank Azya for all her hard work while being a part of our team. Azya is always very cheerful and wears a big smile. Her clients say that she is an exceptional caregiver. Thanks again Azya for all your hard work and dedication!
Caregiver Azya Shade Caregiver Azya Shade

2023 November Caregiver of the Month

Lori Robinson

Congrats to Lori Robinson for being awarded caregiver of the month of November. She is very loyal, trustworthy and dependable. Lori is also a very patient, understanding and warm-hearted caregiver. She makes sure that her clients have the best quality care and goes out of her way to make sure they have everything they need. We appreciate all of your dedication to being the best caregiver you can be and proud to have you on our team!
Caregiver Lori Robinson Caregiver Lori Robinson

2023 October Caregiver of the Month

Latteria Hill

Latteria Hill is our Caregiver of the Month for October. She was chosen for her dedication and passion for her job. She never gives up on a client regardless of the difficulty of the case. She treats all her clients with dignity and respect. We are proud to have her as part of the team. Congratulations!
Caregiver Latteria Hill Caregiver Latteria Hill

2023 September Caregiver of the Month

Aleshia Golden

Since Aleshia started working with our team, she has made a huge impact on the lives of her clients. She is always willing to go anywhere, anytime, to help her clients when they need her. We at Right at Home would like to thank Aleshia for all the hard work she has put forth in her care for all her clients.
Caregiver Aleshia Golden Caregiver Aleshia Golden

2023 August Caregiver of the Month

Valerie Elkins

Congratulation Valerie Elkins. Valerie has the wonderful ability to connect with clients in a professional yet caring manner. She is soft spoken and compassionate when it comes to caring for clients. She is punctual and responsible. Thank you, Valerie, for being such a core member of the Right At Home family.
Caregiver Valerie Caregiver Valerie

2023 July Caregiver of the Month

Ma'Lasia Cousar

Please join us in congratulating Ma'Lasia Cousar as our Caregiver of the Month for July. Ma'Lasia has proven to be a reliable and outstanding member of our caregiver staff. She is always on time and can be counted on to give exceptional care. Clients say they are happy with Ma'Lasia and that she is always smiling. Thank you Ma'Lasia for all that you do.
Caregiver Malasia Caregiver Malasia

2023 June Caregiver of the Month

Melissa Ayala-Martinez

Congratulations to Melissa Ayala-Martinez for June Caregiver of the Month. Melissa has gone above and beyond what has been requested of her in many meaningful and substantive ways. She takes initiative and is truly our Director of First Impressions. We appreciate her contributions. Thank you, Melissa!
Caregiver Melissa Ayala-Martinez Caregiver Melissa Ayala-Martinez

2023 May Caregiver of the Month

Carol Grant

Congratulations to Carol Grant. She is a loyal employee and dedicated to her clients. She is a skilled caregiver and excellent in every respect. She is punctual, reliable and efficient with a wonderful personality. Carol is a highly professional and more than capable caregiver and is a cherished employee of Right at Home. 
Caregiver Carol Grant Caregiver Carol Grant

2023 April Caregiver of the Month

Ann-Marie Griffiths-Sanderson

Please join us in congratulating our April caregiver of the month, Ann-Marie Griffiths-Sanderson. We are recognizing all her hard work while being a part of our team. Ann-Marie is always very cheerful and wears a big smile. Her clients say that she is an exceptional caregiver, and she treats them like they are her family not just like a client. Thanks again Ann-Marie for all your hard work and dedication!
Caregiver Ann-Marie Griffiths-Sanderson Caregiver Ann-Marie Griffiths-Sanderson

Past Winners

March 2023 - Tyshianya Mickle
February 2023 - Tyisha Simpson
January 2023 - Elizabeth Truesdale
December 2022 - DJ Clark
November 2022 - Roanna Jamison
October 2022 - Thomas Dickinson
September 2022 - Lori Robinson
August 2022 - Eneida Ramirez-McIntosh
July 2022 - Lee Buncum
June 2022 - Barbara Jackson
May 2022 - Tawana Fudge
April 2022 - Danette Howard
March 2022 - Robin Zavada
February 2022 - David Corbin
January 2022 - Marty Kee
December 2021 - Elizabeth Truesdale
November 2021 - Tatiana Nguema
October 2021 - Dianna Able
September 2021 - Carol Grant
August 2021 - Deborah Morton
July 2021 - Marty Kee
June 2021 - Tamirra Sheff-Bolling
May 2021 - Jackie Dixon
April 2021 - Pat White
March 2021 - Willia Owens
February 2021 - Aleshia Golden
January 2021 - Norma Jean Kraft
December 2020 - Julia Waits
November 2020 - Mariana Garcia
October 2020 - Arquette Dubose
September 2020 - Marie Raborn
August 2020 - Thomas Dickinson
July 2020 - Lane Pendergrass
June 2020 - Gwen Watson
May 2020 - Linda Thompson
April 2020 - Carol Pentlin
March 2020 - Sally Glascock
February 2020 - Ashley Douglas
January 2020 - Tatiana Nguema
December 2019 - Andrew Fellows
November 2019 - Traci Luster
October 2019 - Karalyn Chaney
September 2019 - Norma Kraft
August 2019 - Priscilla Gause
July 2019 - Valerie Elkins
June 2019 - Chrissy Bumgarner
May 2019 - Dwayne Lindsey
March 2019 - Aminah Provost
February 2019 - Stephanie Bramel
January 2019 - Lisa Tolbert
December 2018 - Patricia White
November 2018 - Shirlon Hurd
October 2018 - Kim Davis
September 2018 - Lawanda Mitchell
August 2018 - LaKeisha Harry
July 2018 - Taylor Wedge
June 2018 - Kelly Grant
May 2018 - Gena Martin
April 2018 - Tammy Waters

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