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When someone goes above and beyond, like picking up an extra shift, getting some positive feedback from a client, staying late to cover a shift, we give the caregiver a Kudos for their file. At the end of every month we put all the names into a raffle for a $25.00 gift card.

Kudos for May 2020, Tatiana

Congratulations to Tatiana Nguema for being our May Kudos winner. Wow! Two months in a row is an Awesome Job. Once again you are taking care of our clients by picking up last minute shifts! Thank you for all your hard work!


Kudos for April 2020, Tatiana

Kudos to Tatiana! Thank you for making our clients a top priority and picking up an extra shift. We appreciate you.


Kudos for March 2020, Laneko

Congratulations to our Kudos winner for March, Laneko Lindsey! Laneko made an amazing impression on a new client, Thanks Laneko!


Kudos for February 2020, Linda

Our Kudos winner of the month for February is Linda Thompson. Congratulations Linda, and thank you for being flexible with your schedule!


Kudos for January 2020, Valerie

Our winner for the month of January was Valerie Elkins. Congratulations Valerie, and thank you for picking up the last minute shift!

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