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A caregiver with a mask does medication management for his client. A caregiver with a mask does medication management for his client.

Your Career as a Caregiver

With Us You're Not a Nameless Face. You Matter.

Right at Home Rockwall invites and attracts team members of the highest quality and professionalism. Our mission is to simply make each day better. Doing the very best we can for others makes a difference. Being present, listening, understanding, learning, helping, working, advocating, and celebrating are at the core of who we are. This is what we offer our clients, their friends and families, our care team and employees, and our community at large. Our team is dedicated, smart, and dependable, working in a culture rooted in relationships.

Caregivers go by a variety of names, such as home care aides, home caretakers, and home health assistants. Whatever the name, as a Right at Home team member, you have access to premier benefits and incentives, but the biggest benefit is how you'll feel making a difference in people's lives. Right at Home's caregiving professionals are the heart and soul of what we do — truly ambassadors of Right at Home and deserving our respect. We know each employee has the responsibility of juggling work, family time, and life; yet day after day they are present for our clients. Our clients know they can count on our caregivers and employees to do the little things that can make such a difference in people's lives and that build relationships of trust, respect and joy. With us, caregivers aren't just nameless faces. They matter! You will matter!

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The Right Choice for Your Career

  • You will make a real difference in people's lives
  • With Right at Home you are valued as a person
  • You will be part of a family not just an employee
  • Professional training, education, growth, and opportunities are available to you
  • At the end of the day you will know your work mattered

Premier Benefits For Our Valued Employees

  • Competitive Salary
  • Higher Weekend Pay
  • Weekly Pay
  • Direct Deposit
  • Referral Bonus
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Mileage Reimbursement
  • Specialized Training (COVID 19 protocols, CPR, Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias, Parkinson’s, Cancer, Hospice Care, and Palliative Care)
  • Weekly Orientations
  • Opportunity for Employee Advancement
  • Ongoing Education (CEU Courses, RAHU, Educational Lectures, Conventions, etc.)
  • Caregiver Appreciation Programs (Caregiver of the Month and Year, Luncheons, etc.)
  • Positive Caregiver Testimonials
  • 24/7 Caregiver Support
  • A Culture That Respects, Honors, and Empowers YOU!
Female Caregiver with Female Client
Female Caregiver with Female Client

See What Caregivers Are Saying

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"I absolutely love this company. I am super grateful to work here. These people truly care for their employees, as well as their clients and families. I am very happy to be a part of all they do!"
Caregiver, Right at Home

See What Caregivers Are Saying

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"Right at Home is filled with compassionate and caring people who not only take care of the clients but their workers as well. Kind and considerate of our needs and family oriented. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I am proud to be a part of a team like Right at Home."
Caregiver, Right at Home

See What Caregivers Are Saying

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"I can tell they really care about their employees, because they went out of their way to make sure we set aside time to get us the training we need. They make me feel like I am at home. I don't feel like an employee, but I feel like one of the family."
Caregiver, Right at Home

See What Caregivers Are Saying

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"If you need to call the Right at Home office they are there and answer the phone, and they always answer your questions. They also call and check on us periodically too. If you have a problem with anything, the office staff and leaders are there 100% to help you and talk to you."
Dyan, Right at Home Rockwall Caregiver

See What Caregivers Are Saying

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"I appreciate that Right at Home gives me a thorough evaluation of my patient beforehand. When I go into the home, I know what I have to do, so I don't go in blind. They are always very encouraging. They are always very uplifting. They like to recognize their employees. I just started working but they already tell me I'm doing a good job and I appreciate that."
Jennifer, Right at Home Rockwall Caregiver

2024 Regional Caregiver of the Year

Congratulations, Aron Chaparro!

Aron provides in-home companionship and personalized care to his clients. What makes him stand out among his peers is his willingness to care for the most vulnerable clients who have rare health conditions, are at the end of life, or need higher levels of care. He thrives in environments that may make other caregivers uncomfortable and trains up on new skills to aid in his clients’ care.
Read Aron's heart-warming story here.
Aron Chaparro, Right at Home Southwest Regional Caregiver of the Year headshot Aron Chaparro, Right at Home Southwest Regional Caregiver of the Year headshot

You Are the Right Fit

We believe that all kinds of people make great caregivers. It doesn’t matter if you have a little experience or a lot: You might already have the skills it takes to benefit a senior or adult with disabilities. Caregiving might be right for you if:

You’re a retiree or empty-nester
looking for meaningful part-time employment…

You’re new to the workforce and want to build
a successful career in health care…

You have experience caring
for a friend or loved one…

You’ve worked as a professional caregiver
for another company…

You’re working toward
becoming a CNA or RN…

You’re looking for
a more meaningful career…

Training Education and Orientation Training Education and Orientation

Training and Resources for You To Thrive

When you become a Right at Home caregiver, you join a group of caring individuals whose goal is to help seniors and adults with disabilities live successfully in their homes. You are also associating yourself with one of the most reputable companies in home care. We believe that our success is dependent upon your success. That’s why in the ever-changing world of care, it is our goal to keep you trained and properly informed. From onboarding to client matching to continued education, we want you to thrive in your career.
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Orientation and Caregiver‑to‑Client Matching
Once you become a Right at Home caregiver, you'll go through an orientation process to learn our policies and procedures. After that, you’ll be ready to start providing care. Every time you're matched with a new client, you'll receive an orientation on that client's Custom Care Plan and the specifics of their care.
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Right at Home University
Right at Home caregivers can access hundreds of online trainings through an enhanced learning platform and mobile app called Right at Home University (RAHU). This training is designed to help you become the best caregiver possible.

To Us, You're More Than Just An Employee, You're a Person

With Right at Home you're more than just an 'employee' when working on our team. We recognize you as a person, not just another employee. We offer a number of resources specifically designed to help in your everyday life and as part of our caregiver team.

  • Continuing Education to meet your need to grow individually.
  • 24/7 caregiver support for times when you just need to get feedback and help.
  • Regular Wellness Check-Ins to ensure you are feeling your best.
  • Transportation assistance for those times where your vehicle just won't cooperate.
  • Mentoring and nurse support to help you with needs and questions.
  • Emotional Support Resources for times when your emotional reserves are low.
  • Open leadership and management communications to help give and get feedback, praise, and constructive criticism.
  • National Alliance of Caregiving
  • Caregiver Action Network
  • American Cancer Society Caregivers
  • Alzheimer's and Dementia Caregiver Support

Caregivers of the Year

At Right at Home, we believe in delivering the highest quality care to our clients and their families. Every year, we reward the caregivers who go above and beyond with our Caregiver of the Year award, presented at our international conference.
The 2024 Winners

Join an Award-Winning Care Team

Right at Home Rockwall is honored to receive the 2024 Best of Home Care® Leader in Experience, Provider of Choice, Employer of Choice, and Top 100 in Experience Awards. The Top 100 is the highest honor that Home Care Pulse gives, and only the top 100 agencies in the country receive it! "We are extremely proud to win these awards because they are determined by third-party interviews of both clients and caregivers. The awards directly reflect our commitment to clients, caregivers, and our care team. Right at Home Rockwall has an extraordinary staff of highly-trained, experienced, and compassionate professionals helping clients every day."
Owner, Right at Home Rockwall

2024 Best of Home Care® Leader In Experience Award
2024 Best of Home Care® Provider of Choice Award
2024 Best of Home Care® Employer of Choice Award
2024 Best of Home Care® Top 100 in Experience Award
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