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Right at Home University Internship Program

What is the Right at Home University Internship Program?

Right at Home University is Right at Home’s proprietary training system covering the full spectrum of caregiver training. The training comes to the Intern in several forms including, online training modules, video-based training, class room training, hands on training in our training center, as well as instructor led training in the field. This comprehensive training series allows Right at Home to take candidates with no prior training and fully prepare them for service with clients.

Course topics you can expect in this course are extensive, but include the following:

  • Orientation-How to use the Right at Home Care System
  • Safety-How to operate safely in the care environment
  • Emergency Management – What to do when an emergency occurs
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)-What is it and how to adhere to the requirements
  • Care Documentation-How to properly document care records
  • Registration with the California Department of Social Services as a Home Care Aide.

What you can expect while navigating Right at Home University is 22 hours of online training followed by another 8 hours of classroom and hands-on training.

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Who will be eligible to attend Right at Home University Internship Program?

Prior caregiving experience is not required for a candidate to be accepted into the Internship Program. However, successful candidates will be able to demonstrate through assessment testing and personal interviews with Right at Home staff, they have the drive, ambition, and sincere desire to become a Right at Home Caregiver. We strongly believe that caregiving is a calling and not just a job. If you have a heart for seniors and disabled adults, you may have what it takes to become a part of our professional caregiving team.

How can I sign up for Right at Home University Internship Program?

By going to our Right at Home website and clicking on our “Careers” page, you will find an “Apply Now” button for our Right at Home University Internship Program. There is no monetary cost for attending Right at Home University. It does, however require dedication and plenty of effort to complete all the required tasks in a timely fashion.

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Why should a caregiver or prospective caregiver take classes through Right at Home University?

Caregiving is a growing field, and there is a shortage of qualified caregivers, and the demand continues to increase. Most home care agencies only hire caregivers with prior caregiving experience. Right at Home believes that to have the best and most professional caregiving staff possible, we need to provide high quality training for our employees. We believe Right at Home University is one of the best ways a candidate with no experience can get the required experience necessary to operate safely as a caregiver. For those candidates that come to Right at Home with prior experience, we will test you and work with you to provide the training necessary for you to be confident you are truly able to provide the highest quality care to those you serve as a caregiver.

How long does it take to get through the classes?

A motivated candidate could complete the “Personal Care Aid” course in as little as one week. We will work with candidates that are currently working to work out a training schedule that is manageable for their current responsibilities. We do want our candidates to complete the program in an expeditious amount of time, but we can be flexible. Right at Home University currently contains over 300 modules on all aspects, including related topics to home care and caregiving. All caregivers in the Right at Home system use the educational tools provided for by Right at Home University on an on-going basis.

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Where do I go to apply and take the classes with the Right at Home University Internship Program?

Applications are taken online through our Careers Portal on our website: Online courses can be taken from anywhere you have access to an internet connected computer. Classroom instruction is provided in our training center located within our business office.

Will I automatically get a job with Right at Home Sacramento-Davis once I complete the classes?

Right at Home expects to employ the majority of the candidates that complete Right at Home University Internship Program. As we interact with candidates during the training, we are always evaluating their attributes as potential candidates for employment. However, completion of the Right at Home training system is not a guarantee of employment.

What sort of certification or diploma can I earn by attending classes at Right at Home University?

All candidates who successfully complete all the requirements of Right at Home University’s “Personal Care Aid” course will receive a “Personal Care Aid Certificate.”

Caregivers with Prior Experience

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