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IKOR Life Care Management and Advocacy 

John DiPiazza IKOR

IKOR Life Care Management and Advocacy is a sister company to Right at Home in the RiseMark corporate family and John DePiazza is the managing director of the Sacramento Region with his office in Folsom.

Offering many complementary services to the assistance Right at Home can offer for those who are seeking to continue being in their home, IKOR looks at the "rest of the big picture" from a holistic viewpoint, ensuring that your circle of support is complete or helping to fill any gaps that may exist or review any parts of the plan that may need some tuning due to the ongoing changes that can affect our lives.

John has a great base of experience that he has augmented with study and certifications specific to the needs of elders and those with disabilities. He is a licensed professional fiduciary, national certified guardian, certified senior advisor, and licensed residential care for the elderly administrator. He also holds an MBA from UC Davis, has been an arbitrator, professional engineer, professional project manager, and general contractor among just some of his other experiences he can draw from to help his clients, no matter what their need in the financial, medical, psychosocial, or environmental areas.

Also unique to the IKOR model is the on-staff, senior nurse. Lisa Chance RN, worked in cardiac ER and as a training nurse for over 25 years. She has been trained in cognitive assessment and can also help formulate a tailored care plan and even accompany clients to advocate for their medical needs.

IKOR can provide many services, can bring in trusted specialists in other areas, or can suggest vetted providers missing from the team. They can then efficiently oversee the entire team to be sure you are covered in all aspects of your life needs and ensure the team is coordinated in their efforts.

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IKOR Life Care Management and Advocacy

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