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H.O.M.E. Care Program




Is it time to set up your H.O.M.E. CARE PLAN?
Hospitalizations | Overnight Stays | Monitoring | Etc.

Right at Home Sacramento-Davis is here to offer support and comfort with our H.O.M.E. Care program. Whether it is taking care of your loved ones, or taking care of the home you love, Right at Home can step in to help. We understand that circumstances arise, planned or not, and you may need to be away for a couple days, weeks, or even months but have crucial things that need to be done around the home in your absence.

Let us be of service and create a CUSTOM PLAN so that we can continue to provide peace of mind knowing we are keeping things right at home with the following H.O.M.E Care services and more:

  • Pet Care
  • Plant Care
  • Mail/Newspaper Pick Up
  • Garbage Cans (In & Out)
  • Security/Lights (On & Off)
  • Cleaning
  • Home Coming Preparation

Packages & Pricing


We understand that you may not have a backup if you have to be away from home for any amount of time but have a pet that still needs caring for. Avoid the trauma and shot requirements of offsite boarding and allow us to care for your pet in the comfort of your own home until you return from a hospitalization or rehabilitation stay.



This day in age it is important that people do not know when you are away to avoid possible security threats. Right at Home can be your official "house-sitter" and visit daily or weekly to turn on/off lights, move trashcans, pick up the mail or newspapers to avoid collection, and ensure everything looks business as usual during your absence.



Right at Home knows you are ready to go home and wants it to be a pleasant experience. Let us visit prior to discharge, clean, open up the house, check the fridge for spoiled food, and make sure there are the essentials upon your arrival. We will also purchase fresh flowers to brighten up the home for an additional fee of $20.



We understand that to some, plants are like their babies! It is a big responsibility to keep plants thriving in the home and a long stay without water could potentially affect all of your hard work. Allow us to take over the watering and maintenance while you are away so when you return your plants are also alive and well and looking great!


OPTION 1: 30 minute visit: $35
OPTION 2: 1 Hour Visit: $50
OPTION 3: 2 Hour Visit: $75


Contact us to set up your H.O.M.E CARE Plan.
Tel: 916-779-0601
Email: [email protected]

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