Help Seniors Fight Off the Winter Blues

It’s cold. It’s dark. The festive holiday decorations and bright lights are gone. Winter can be simply blah. And in a season of blah, it’s easy to sink into the winter blues. It can happen to everyone, but aging seniors are especially susceptible to it. This time of the year can be especially lonely for them. In particular after the holiday season, when they saw and heard from many people, it can seem lonely. Add in the cold, snowy and icy conditions in Massachusetts during the winter, which can make it harder for visitors to come see them, and especially for seniors to get out, blues can sink in.

While it can be hard to shake the winter blues, there are some tips that you can do to try to help brighten your senior loved one’s day and mood.

Plan For Fun
Part of the sadness of the winter is that many of the fun things we anticipate each year are over when Christmas and New Years Ends. Plan some things to do in the New Year with your senior loved one. Just getting a date on the calendar can give them something to look forward to and help boost their spirits. It can be big or small, but just something. Plan to watch the football playoffs together, even if the Patriots don’t make it all the way this year. Head out to try a new coffee spot in Salem, such as Jaho at Pickering Wharf. See what upcoming shows and productions are happening at the Sophia Gordon Center for the Performing Arts at Salem State University, and make a date of it. Or plan to head into Boston for the day and see the much-talked about musical Hamilton, which will be in town for a limited run from January through March.

Keep Them Active
Head out for a brisk walk on a day when the sidewalks aren’t slippery from ice. Or, you can choose to play it safe (and warm) and stretch or lift weights together inside. Maybe your senior wants to give yoga a try, or a modified version of chair yoga. Find a video and try it together. However you choose to do it, help your senior stay active.

Keep in Touch
Part of the joy of the holiday is seeing loved ones. Once they are over and the cold of winter descends on New England, often socializing is limited. That doesn’t mean relatives can’t reach out through a phone call or text. They can even send a letter. If they are up for it, bring your senior to visit some friends or relatives, or invite someone over to their home. Socializing with others is a key to lifting spirits.

Brighten Up the Home
Dreary winter days are the worst for the mood. Open the curtains in their home and let the sunshine in when it peeks out from the clouds. Make sure to have plenty of lights and working bulbs in the home. Who’s to say you can’t leave up some twinkling lights from Christmas to keep their spirits bright. Just call them Valentine’s lights.

Eat Well
Comfort food might be calling your name as you cuddle on the couch this winter. But make sure to have a balanced, healthy diet for your senior loved one. Ensure they’re eating, and eating something healthy. Include many fruits and vegetables into their diet. Too many sweets can leave them feeling lethargic and down.

Try out some of these tips, and see if they help your senior loved one with the winter blues. Try some of these out. However, if your senior’s winter blues continue for many weeks or worsen, you should consider seeking out a doctor’s help.

We Can Help
If you’re looking for help with your senior loved one this winter, or any season, our caregivers at Right At Home Salem can help. Caregivers can help with everything from helping to get your senior dressed on a cold wintery day, to providing companionship so they aren’t alone at this time of the year.

We serve seniors in the Salem and Marblehead areas. For information on how we can help, call us today at (978) 705-4734. We can help tailor our care plans to meet your specific needs. Whether you need care every day of the week, or just a mid-week break, we are here to help local families.

If you have a calling to help seniors enjoy their life at home safely, join us. Right at Home Salem-Marblehead is looking for the Right People to join our team. We have immediate openings for in-home caregivers, Certified Home Health Aide and Certified Nursing Assistants. Visit us online to see our open positions.

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