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What to do When Your Parent Resists Care

Maybe it’s obvious to everyone in the family that mom or dad needs additional care, but no matter what, your parent resists the idea strongly. This may not make sense at first glance, but by digging a little deeper, we will be able to understand how to help them in a way that they support.

How to Deciding whether your Aging Parent Needs Additional Care

Unawareness of the many factors that should be taken into account for whether or not to provide additional care for your loved one should be the least of your worries. The Key to deciding whether your parent needs additional care is to use readily available expert guidance.

Right at Home Service Project at Ipswich Dinner Bell- North of Boston

Right at Home employees went to the Ipswich Dinner Bell to make and serve dinner to about 100 residents of the town. The Dinner Bell provides a plated, hot meal to anyone who wants one EVERY Monday night. It is sponsored by various businesses and service organizations. 

Easing the Burden of Spousal Caregivers- Right at Home North of Boston

Securing the help of a professional home caregiver is not a sign of weakness or giving up on the ailing family member, nor is asking for at-home care being selfish. Instead, hiring a trained caregiving service is actually showing greater love and concern for the spouse receiving care.

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