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Awesome Caregiver: Home Health Aide, CNA or PCA


The Companion CareTeam member enables the client to remain free from injury or harm and provides companionship that is sufficient to provide a secure environment. The CareTeam member is responsible for observing the client and reporting changes to the nurse and or responsible person to provide general attention to the client.


  • Provides non-personal, non-nursing care to the client. (NO HANDS-ON CARE)
  • Provides generalized attention to the needs of the ill, injured, impaired, disabled, and/or aged as directed by the nurse/responsible person.
  • Observes the client for general physical, mental and emotional conditions.
  • Ensures the provision of a safe environment for the client at all times
  • Provides a sense of security for the client and protects the client from harm resulting from the debilitating effects of his/her illness.
  • Keeps the client’s environment clean and orderly.
  • Provides meal preparation and escort services (transportation).
  • Provides continuous companionship for the client.


  • Demonstrates the role of CareTeam member in a professional manner.
  • Assumes accountability or his/her position, e.g. extends self when unusual needs arise.
  • Reports for work on time and gives adequate notice of absenteeism or tardiness.
  • Routinely undertakes additional tasks when his/her assignments are completed.
  • Accepts constructive criticism regarding own performance and strives to make improvements.
  • Adheres to policies established for meals, breaks, dress code, and parking.
  • Exhibits courtesy, compassion, and respect to clients, families, visitors, physicians, and co-workers.

Motivated and self-directed:

  • Carries out responsibilities promptly and in a self-directed fashion.
  • Seeks additional learning experiences.
  • Uses Right at Home University to complete in-service education requirements.


  • Is flexible and receptive to change.
  • Participates in quality and improvement activities.


  • Must have good verbal, visual and hearing skills.
  • Must note and report any problems that may concern the care of the client to the RightTeam office staff: Private Care Manager, Director of Operations and Director of Nursing.
  • Must be able to make proper decisions concerning personal safety.
  • Must function within scheduled time frames.
  • Must complete paperwork efficiently.
  • Must exhibit courtesy, compassion, and respect to clients, family, visitors, physicians, and co-workers.


Community home, independent living facility, assisted living facility, hospital, or nursing home environment.

May be exposed to blood, infectious disease, potentially infectious materials, and other materials and substances that may be used during performance of CareTeam Member duties.

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A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"We chose them because they are nice and helpful, and my mom is comfortable with them. They're very nice, and if there are any changes, they call me and also reach out to make sure the caregiver is doing well. They help my mom, and since I work, I can't be there for her because she needs 24-hour care. The caregiver makes sure she is fed at the right time and helps her out of bed. They always call me to update me and call to see how my mom is doing. Her needs are met 100%. They pay good attention to her and giver her the time to do what she needs extremely well."
Maria V.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"We chose them because they were accommodating, available, and within the local area. The company is pretty good, they are awesome, they work with your schedule, and they have provided good service for my grandmother. They are very thorough and very punctual. They are here to help me out with my grandmother. They drive her to the market and do little things of that type. We still use them from time to time. They always ask what else they can do. They always want to do extra for her. They are really quick to answer the phones. Sometimes they speak Spanish and she is able to communicate with them."



Hear What Others Are Saying

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"I like having the same person, I like that they are so attentive. The caregiver has been able to see the signs of how ill my mother was getting. We have one that we prefer using and she does an excellent job. They (office) work directly with the caregiver so we can all work together. though sometimes they don't get back."
Diane D.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"My caregiver is wonderful. She's been with me for over a year and I would never ask for anyone else. My caregiver is very helpful. She will go to the grocery store for me as I can't do that anymore and she always gets the rights things for me, like specific brands and such. She will water the lawn for me as well. It's been great having her help. Anytime I ask her to do anything for me, she does it cheerfully. She is very smart and so we have very nice conversations. When she comes, she helps me do the wash and put the dishes away. She is such a nice person, and I couldn't say enough about her. She is very pleasant. She's taken my care to be washed for me and I have a little garden and she tends that for me. She is wonderful, I would highly recommend her to anyone that is sick. She is like a family member helping someone. She is always like three minutes early so she can check on me. I really love her. They've always been nice when I've called to either cancel or get more help. Anytime I asked her to do something, she is always willing. She is also my same age so we have great conversations about high school and such as we have so much in common. She is the perfect match for me. It's nice to have her come and be so cheerful and helpful and very talkative. I can't go out with my friends anymore and that makes me depressed but she uplifts me."
Diane G.

Hear What Others Are Saying

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"I like that they are able to provide care for my mother and that they are very concerned about helping her. Having them there allows me to go to work every day. They give me the confidence and security to go to work. The caregivers seem very helpful and caring. They assist my mom with restroom duties and going down for a nap. They keep in touch and let me know what is going on. I appreciate that the caregivers are friendly with my mom and that they are very caring, concerned, and capable of helping her."
Janice A.

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