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When counseling families about their loved ones, you can never have too much information. The following links can help in almost any situation of any client or constituent. If you'd like more information on a particular topic or if you need help in determining the best plan for someone in your care, simply contact your local Right at Home office. We'd be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Helpful Information on Local Resources in Marblehead, Massachusetts

The following organizations and individuals provide services tailored to the needs of seniors and older adults in Marblehead, Massachusetts:

  1. Positive Outcome Physical Therapy; Orthopedic and Spine Specialists

    Positive Outcome Physical Therapy utilizes a one-on-one, goal-oriented approach when it comes to caring for its clients. It customizes treatment services for every client, treating all types of injuries including musculoskeletal problems, orthopedic and spine injuries, neck and back pain, and more. Its specialists empower clients by restoring functions and providing education so clients can better understand diagnosis, symptoms and treatment plan.

    Contact Heather Burke at or call her at (978)-219-9084.

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  2. BNS Fitness

    BNS Fitness is located in Shetland Park in Salem, Massachusetts. It offers group-style workouts as well as personal training services. The “boot-camp style”--group and personal training-- workouts can be personalized to meet your goals. Workout routines can be customized according to your personal needs. Its "Silver Strong" program is specifically designed to improve the functional movements for anyone who is 55+ but does not work out regularly, or are just getting started to establish an exercise routine. 

    Contact Brandi Dion at or call her at call her at (978)-204-8588.

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  3. Marblehead School of Raja Yoga

    Skip Dowds, owner of the Marblehead School of Raja Yoga, can teach anyone, anywhere, anytime. He can give group classes tailored to the needs of seniors, e.g. chair yoga. Dowds can also add a little more challenges to the lessons for caregivers. Classes are a combination of lecture, light exercises (wiggling fingers and toes in some cases), breathing and concentration exercises.

    Contact Skip Dowds at or call at (617)-599-8644.

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  4. Integrative Muscular Therapy

    Darcy Gilbo has over 20 years of experience in massage and body work with a specialty in deep tissue trigger point therapy. She works with a spectrum of individuals including the elderly and athletes. In addition, she works with orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, cardiologists, and physical therapists to give clients the best possible care. She believes massage therapy can benefit not only the person’s body but also their mind and spirit. She works to treat every individual according to their specific needs.

    Contact Darcy Gilbo at or call at (781)-307-6339.

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  5. Acupuncture Chinese Medical Arts

    Tracey Green has been practicing acupuncture since 1999. The Chinese medical art is used to prevent illnesses, treat medical conditions, reduce pain, and support other medical treatments. Seniors who have digestive, respiratory, neurological and muscular disorders may benefit from this unique treatment system.

    Contact Tracey Green at or call at (781)-910-3456.

  6. Debra Klein Health Coach/Nutrition 

    Debra Klein, AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer Healthy Cooking Workshops Kitchen Re-Boot Corporate Wellness.

    Klein is a local certified Holistic Health Coach committed to:

    (i) Sharing her knowledge and expertise in cooking delicious, healthy meals, and
    (ii) Inspiring others to make healthy food choices and foster a healthy lifestyle.

    From main course to dessert, Klein always has a healthy recipe ready. She can help people with health conditions or specific diagnosis to design low-sodium recipes or vegan alternatives without sacrificing the flavors.

    Contact Debra Klein at or call at (617)-797-9534.

  7. Dr. Carmela Mancini office at Gold Direct Care

    Dr. Mancini is a board-certified Doctor in internal medicine. She provides Direct Primary Care services, which are personal, transparent, and affordable, to her patients. Dr. Mancini provides primary care to anyone from middle-aged to senior citizens “the old-fashioned way." She values trust, openness and transparency. 

    Contact Dr. Carmela Mancini at or call at (781)-842-3961.

    Address: Gold Direct Care, 123 Pleasant Street, Marblehead, Massachusetts 01945.

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  8. Marblehead Chiropractic

    Dr. Paul Milone has been a chiropractor for over 25 years. He practices holistic care with a focus on treating the person as a whole. His goal is to help people with issues such as chronic pain and back shoulder pain to reduce and eliminate their dysfunction, restoring their bodies' abilities to heal naturally. He is also dedicated to educating clients on what he does, so they can pass the knowledge onto others.

    Contact Paul Milone at or call at (781)-639-0808.

    Address: Marblehead Chiropractic, 40 Tioga Way, Suite 100, Marblehead, MA 01945.

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  9. Life Alignment/Yoga 

    Elizabeth O'Shea Sullivan offers private yoga sessions to anyone with physical limitations or wants a personalized experience. Yoga therapy classes are available to people with back issues, scoliosis, shoulder issues, depression and anxiety.

    She also provides Hypnotic Yoga for Anxiety/Depression--the program is great for family and professional caregivers to relax and unwind, achieving peace and relaxation. Hypnotic suggestions can bring participants into a deep state of relaxation. The program also has a focus on breathing techniques.

    Contact Elizabeth O'Shea Sullivan at or call at (617)-816-1489.

  10. Paradise Dental Associates, LLC

    Dr. Helyne Hamelburg is a periodontist, her husband Dr. Stephen Hamelburg is a general dentist. Their goal is to perform the highest quality dentistry using the most advanced, state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. At Paradise Dental, a cleaning is not just a cleaning. They understand how oral health is related to total body health for people of all ages and especially the elderly. They are truly committed to excellence while providing comprehensive care in all aspects of dentistry.

    Contact Helyne Hamelburg at or call at (781)-598-3700.

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  11. Inborn Voice

    Mylena Origgi is an International Vocal Coach and Singer, Certified Online Teacher and Healer, and a Voice Healer with the unique Inborn Voice method she developed. 

    Origgi has worked as a Private Voice Teacher since 1990. In 2000, she developed her a unique teaching method, Inborn Voice that combines her experience as a singer, a scholar of the phonatory system at 360°, and as an expert in music therapy and other Eastern disciplines.

    Contact Mylena Origgi at or call at (671)-909-2077.

  12. Discover Marblehead
    marblehead business member

    Discover Marblehead is dedicated to the promotion of Marblehead and all it has to offer including businesses, tourism, community events, and attractions through social media, email marketing, and community outreach.

  13. Make Peace with Organizing

    With a little compassion, care, and a plan, Make Peace with Organizing will provide support for categorizing what gets sold, donated or stored away for future use.

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A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.
A female care worker smiling in the background. In the foreground is an elderly female patient smiling back.

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