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Caregivers the Front Line of Compassion and Care

Right at Home of Greater San Antonio celebrates our hardworking, professional and compassionate caregivers. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve. We need great caregivers to answer the call and we're proud to have them!

Hyacinth Anowo

Caregiver Hyacinth Anowo Hyacinth has been a Right at Home Caregiver since July of 2020 and has been making a difference in our client’s lives ever since! Recently, Hyacinth shared a quote that he said has changed his outlook on life that reads, “Don’t let other people’s mistakes ruin your happiness”. He expressed that these words have allowed him to practice patience and kindness and have given him a more positive outlook on life. Our favorite thing about Hyacinth is his ability to create genuine relationships with his clients and their families. Once those relationships are formed, he takes the time to educate client’s families on how to be patient and better care for their loved ones. For this reason, and so many more, we are so grateful to have Hyacinth on the Right at Home team.

Victoria Fernandez

Caregiver Victoria FernandezAs a natural born Caregiver, Victoria has been taking care of others since the young age of fourteen. She has been an essential member of the Right at Home team since December of 2019 and has been providing quality care ever since. Her compassion and dedication to helping others extends to animals as well, as she helps run a pitbull rescue organization. When Victoria rescues a pitbull from the streets or from a neglectful owner, she diligently trains them to become service dogs for military veterans. Her resourceful spirit, positive attitude, and sincerity in only wanting the best for everyone shines through in her philanthropic work. Victoria was nominated for Right at Home’s 2020 Caregiver of the Year Award because she perfectly embodies everything a Caregiver should be.

Maria Vasquez

Caregiver Maria VasquezAs one of our most reliable Caregivers, Maria has been providing care for Right at Home clients since July of 2018. As a tenured Caregiver, she has been successful in building relationships with her clients and their families based on trust and compassion. Maria has been working with a permanent client for a few years now and her genuine love for her client is easy to see. Making and painting birdhouses, playing games, and going for walks are just a few examples of their daily activities together. Memory care is her specialty as she can adapt and is very patient and kind. We are so thankful to have such a consistent and detail-orientated Caregiver on the Right at Home team. We appreciate Maria and all that she does for us and her client!

Christine Cady

Caregiver Christine Cady Right at Home would like to congratulate Christine Cady for being named 2019 Fall Caregiver of the Quarter. Christine has been happily married for 26 years to a career Navy man. She is originally from San Antonio, yet she has spent most of her time since being married overseas. She is mom to two adult children and 3 rescue pets (2 dogs and 1 cat). Working at Right at Home has taught Christine many new things. When asked what she has learned, Christine replied, “I have learned a lot working for Right at Home. Most importantly, I have learned how important it is for people to care for our elderly population. The elderly population need good people who truly care about them to work with.” She likes to listen to their stories and to encourage them to continue to enjoy life.

With this insight, when asked what she would like to do in the future, Christine replied, “I plan to go to school and get my CNA to improve my knowledge on how the elderly need specific care for their respective conditions.” Thank you, Christine, for all the you do!

Monica Stehle

Caregiver Monica Stehle Right at Home is proud to announce that Monica Stehle was selected as the 2019 Summer Caregiver of the Quarter. Monica is a loving daughter and sister who enjoys spending time with her family and their two cats. When she isn’t working, you can find her playing video games and studying. Monica says, “What I enjoy most about caregiving is that it gives me this feeling of purpose and motivation that I’ve never found with another job. I really feel like what I’m doing matters.”

Working with Right at Home has given her the opportunity to learn new lessons. When asked what she has learned, Monica replied, “I think the number one thing I’ve learned is to see things from my client’s perspective. From that point of view, it’s much easier to remain patient and positive, and to be able to figure out what the client may need even if they aren’t able to fully express it themselves.”

In the future, Monica hopes to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant. She attributes some of that desire to working with Right at Home. She stated, “Right at Home has been great about working with me so that I can continue to work while I go to school, and my experience working at Right at Home San Antonio has been a big factor in my career choice.” Congratulations again, Monica. We wish you continued success in all that you do!

Idella Sherriffee | National Caregiver of the Year Nominee

Idella has been a Right at Home employee for 11 years. She provides such a calming effect on each of the clients lives she touches. She NEVER misses a shift and NEVER calls off. She is reliable and dependable despite NOT having a car. Our Alzheimer’s patients benefit so much from Idella’s strategies and thoughtful ways.

Caregiver Idella

Idella provides care that is above an beyond and performs task above what she is asked. She has great initiative as well and does things before clients even have to ask. For these reasons and so many more we nominated Idella for Right at Home’s prestigious Caregiver of the Year for 2019.

Sharyl C.

Caregiver Sharyl

Congratulations to Right at Home's Caregiver of the quarter, Ms. Sharyl C.! Sharyl exemplifies Right at Home's core values and treats our clients with dignity and respect. Thank you for setting such a great example in the community, Sharyl.

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