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Meet Salty Bacon, Right at Home San Antonio Service Dog

Salty Bacon Service Dog

Hi, my name is Salty Bacon. I know, I know, you are thinking how did that sweet dog get such a funny name. Well, you will have to ask my mum for the full story but she tells me that I reminded her of a little piggy and all her dogs have two names so I became Salty Bacon.

I really think there is more to my name but sometimes when my mum talks I just don’t understand what she’s saying so be sure to ask her for the full story next time you see her.

From the day my mummy brought me home, I have had a very unique and close bond to her. I’m very sensitive to my mom’s needs and can tell when things aren’t going quite right for her. My mum quickly noticed this trait and started working with me a lot.

I was so good at my job my mum decided to get me a special certification as a “service dog”, I don’t really pay attention to it but I do know it allows me to stay with my mummy at all times and take real good care of her so that she stays healthy so she can feed me! My mom says, “I’m the official mascot of Right at Home San Antonio.” It’s really exciting for me because I get to meet all of our clients when my mum does.

How Will A Service Dog Benefit Clients

While as a service dog I’m really here to help my mum, but my sweet little scrunched up face and big ears impact our clients too. I try to look deep into our their souls and bring out the love and happiness they have. I have this “salty” aura that just makes people happy and smile. I also seem to have a talent for calming our clients when I look into their souls or when they rub my big bat ears. I give our clients an alternative to focus on and I make them less sad. People love to ask my mum all sorts of questions about me too. I love to sit and reminisce with our clients and I’m a great guide dog to the good stories our clients tell.

How Will a Service Dog Benefit Employees

Salty Bacon Service Dog at Work

My mum’s staff is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! I try to help her with moral. I love to play daily shenanigans with them! I really like it when I get to be a part of meetings. I usually pull up my own chair and cheer on the conversation. When I feel I’m not get enough attention paid to me, I escalate my concerns by jumping on the nearest desk so I can talk face-to-face with each staff member. This usually involves me sliding across the desk and disheveling lots of paper in the process. But everybody just laughs at me. After these conversations, I’m usually ready for a cuddle, so I jump in the nearest lap I can find, curl up in a little ball and go off to dreamland. The staff absolutely love my funny little antics. Mum says, “I’m constant comic relief.” I just like to leave everybody with a smile and make them laugh!

I was once told by the Great Dolly Dog that dogs have a very calming affect on people and help them to relax and heal faster. I don’t feel like I have to do anything special to make this happen, mum just tells me to be myself. She’s such a great mum, she lets me be me and help others by loving on them. I have the best job in the world!! Well, I have to run mom said we are going to an independent living facility. I love these places, I get to meet so many new people and they love to give me hugs and kisses. I hope I get to meet you soon.

Salty Bacon’s career goals are to help his mum and to leave people’s soul with a smile.

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