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A caregiver with a mask does medication management for his client. A caregiver with a mask does medication management for his client.

Caregiver Spotlight

Caregivers Are the Heart and Soul of Right at Home San Marcos

At Right at Home San Marcos, the foundation of our operation is built on a friendly and welcoming culture that promotes responsiveness and support above all else for our employees. We value our caregivers as though they are family. We strive to improve the quality of life for our caregivers and the clients we serve. We succeed through teamwork and having the best caregivers in the industry. Their professionalism, training, compassion and commitment to our clients and our clients' loved ones is unparalleled and we appreciate all they do. Every year, every month, every day we appreciate our outstanding Caregivers who are going above and beyond to create an amazing experience for our clients in Temecula and its surrounding areas. We truly value our outstanding people. Who knows, maybe a career as a caregiver is right for you!

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Benefits of a Right at Home Career

  • Flexible hours and competitive pay
  • A caring, supportive team
  • An independent work environment
  • Learning new senior care skills
  • Building one-on-one relationships with clients and families
  • Growth and training opportunities

Our 2023 Caregiver of the Month


Sheila Atkinson

Caregiver of the Month-July


Gina Soto Alvarado

Caregiver of the Month-June


Lynn Diodati

Caregiver of the Month-May


Kassandra Verduzco

Caregiver of the Month-April


Tara McGee

Caregiver of the Month-March


Reed Jeffries

Caregiver of the Month-February


Yvonne Jones

Caregiver of the Month-January

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Our 2023 Rookie of the Month


Devin Batiste

Rookie of the Month-July


Christopher Conley

Rookie of the Month-June


Shariese Callion

Rookie of the Month-May


Nancy Luna

Rookie of the Month


Connie Martinez

Rookie of the Month-March


Guadalupe Villareal

Rookie of the Month-February


Norma Barona

Rookie of the Month-January 2023

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