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As loved ones age, balance becomes a significant issue due to a variety of factors, including physical weakness, medications and cognitive or visual impairment. Ideally a source of comfort for aging loved ones, the home can become hazardous without a fall-preventive strategy. Right at Home suggests you proactively assess the aging senior’s house for anything that might be a health risk. In addition, please consider helping your loved ones remain safe by:

  • Finding someone to check on them regularly
  • Scheduling vision checks
  • Discussing medications with their physician
  • Checking their balance
  • Establishing light-exercise routines
Fall Prevention Brochure

After observing any safety concerns, suggest an agreeable solution. This could include hiring a caregiver even for a few hours per week.

"Seniors who fall, even if they are not injured, often develop a fear of falling. This fear can keep them from enjoying regular activities, which then reduces mobility and physical fitness. With less muscle tone and confidence, a person's acutal risk of falling increases. Falls also limit older adults from living independently, which is something Right at Home caregivers strive to preserve," said Right at Home Southern Pines Agency Director Kathleen Veldhuizen, MHA-COTA/L.

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Fall Prevention Guide

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