Top 10 Truths No One Wants to Tell You About Caring for Aging Parents

Whether you’re already caring for aging parents or anticipate doing so in the future, you’ll hear lots of advice from those who have walked that journey. However, there are some facts that you’re less likely to hear! We’ve shared the top ten here.

  • Past family dynamics will resurface. Remember that sibling rivalry you experienced growing up? It tends to surface again when caring for aging parents. It’s important to take steps to rise above difficult family dynamics through open, honest communication, a willingness to let go of past hurts, or even the inclusion of a third party mediator if needed.
  • You’re likely to face resistance. Many older adults balk at the idea of reversing roles and having their children care for them. It often requires multiple conversations and a healthy dose of compromise, among other effective communication tactics, to overcome this hurdle.
  • It takes more time than you may think. There are many time consuming aspects of senior care that quickly add up. Good time management techniques are crucial to avoid becoming overwhelmed.
  • You might feel bored. Caring for someone else is a selfless and often rewarding endeavor, but frankly, it may also feel repetitive, routine, and yes, downright boring at times.
  • It can be isolating. Spending so much time with an older loved one can cause you to become isolated from other friends, family, and activities you enjoy.
  • You may feel alone. If it appears to others that you have everything under control, offers to help will dwindle.
  • It’s hard to do. It isn’t always intuitive to care for an older person, especially when chronic health conditions are a factor.
  • You may face criticism. Your best may not be good enough for someone who wants things done a certain way or has a deep-rooted fear of losing control and independence.
  • You will make mistakes. Be prepared to lose your patience or forget about a doctor’s appointment. It will be important to forgive yourself and never hold onto guilt.
  • You’re at risk for caregiver burnout and depression. Feeling overwhelmed can quickly escalate to serious emotional or physical health risks. You’ll need to prioritize self-care.

Partnering with a professional home care provider is an ideal solution to overcome these challenges and allow you to focus on the joy and self-fulfillment that go hand-in-hand with caring for aging parents.

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Michael Juceam
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