An Early Warning System for Aging: Watch for These Signs of Decline

Being prepared is the best way to improve outcomes in a variety of circumstances. It’s why we study for tests, watch the weather forecasts closely during hurricane season, and visit the doctor for routine exams. There are proactive steps you can take when it comes to our older loved ones as well. It begins with recognizing the early warning signs of decline to watch for and to know what to do if you notice them.

What Are the Early Signs of Decline in Older Adults?

Physical Changes

As we age, physical changes are common. These may include aches and pains, loss of mobility, balance issues, and vision or hearing loss.


Memory lapses and forgetfulness are common effects of aging. However, if it is becoming increasingly difficult to remember important dates or complete routine tasks, it may be time to seek support.

Emotional Changes

Aging can be an emotional time, and it is not uncommon for seniors to experience anxiety, depression, or social isolation. These changes can lead to a lack of motivation, decreased energy levels, and a decline in physical health.

Changes in Personal Hygiene

If a person starts to neglect their personal hygiene or home upkeep, it may be an indication that they are struggling to manage daily tasks.

Changes in Appetite

Changes in appetite, such as loss of appetite or weight gain, can be a sign of an underlying condition or concern.

Difficulty with Daily Tasks

If a person is having difficulty with routine tasks such as getting dressed, preparing meals, or bathing, it may be time to seek support.

Chronic Health Conditions

Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis can become increasingly challenging to manage as a person ages.

It is important to note that these early indicators do not necessarily mean a person needs immediate support services. However, if you or a loved one is experiencing these symptoms, it may be a good idea to speak to a healthcare provider to discuss available support options.

In-home care is an excellent solution for many older adults. It offers the flexibility of highly customized care that can be modified over time. For instance, it’s often more agreeable to a senior initially to receive help with housework and meals. This frees up more of their time for enjoyable pastimes. As they become comfortable with their caregiver, it’s then easy to add on additional services over time as needs change.

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