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The care business is a highly personal service which is why we put so much effort into learning about the situation that brought you to us, getting to know you and the family, and understanding the nuances of your care needs. We know the situation could be new to you, but given the several thousands of clients we’ve served over the years, it’s muscle memory to us. Let’s get started.

Step 1: It All Starts with You.

Click or call, whichever you prefer. If you’re not sure you are ready, we even have that covered for you. This article on How to Evaluate and Select a Home Care Agency is certain to help!

Step 2: Phone-Based Care Assessment

At some point, we’ll need to talk with and assess the individual needing care. During an initial phone conversation, we will ask a series of questions to help us assess your unique situation and inform our care recommendations. The assessment is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn about the individual, his or her family care team, and their needs.

Step 3: In-Home Care Assessment

Following the initial assessment, we will schedule an in-home visit. It is during the in-home visit that we further explore and validate your care needs, using the surroundings and condition of the home to complete our requirements gathering. It is a brief meeting, and assuming you enlist our services, one that will recur every 60 days to ensure clients are achieving their health and wellness goals. Once a care plan is agreed upon, we begin the process of matchmaking from our team of highly trained, professional caregivers.

Step 4: Initial and Ongoing Nursing Assessment

Within 48 hours of the first scheduled care visit, a nurse will visit your home to provide a nursing assessment for the senior client. This assessment is free of charge and is provided to help finalize the personalized care plan. This care plan will then be distributed to the senior’s physician to keep the physician informed of the care being provided.

To learn more or to get started with senior home care and companion care in Sarasota, FL or the surrounding areas, call us today at (941) 202-2510. 

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