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Smiling female nurse looks into the camera. Smiling female nurse looks into the camera.

Home Nursing Services

When serious and chronic health issues affect someone you love, you might think the only option is assisted living or a nursing home. But the familiarity and comfort of home can make all the difference in the quality of life. Fortunately, we offer nursing services that can help ensure your family member’s medical needs are met at home. It’s quality, one-on-one medical support and attention, without the hospital. Best of all, Right at Home’s qualified health care professionals are hand-picked to match your loved one’s situation, whatever it may be.

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What Is Home Care Nursing?

Home care nursing is a care at home service provided by skilled medical professionals. These in-home nursing services allow for care in the most comfortable setting – home – and are ideal for older adults who:

  • Are recovering from a surgical procedure, stroke, heart attack, or other medical condition
  • Have ongoing chronic care needs, such as management of conditions like diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and many others
  • Have difficulty with mobility or other issues that make it challenging to leave the home
  • Require assistance with understanding and ensuring doctors’ orders are followed
  • Or have any of a wide range of medical needs that they would prefer to have managed at home

Home nursing services include the following specific types of care and assistance:

A female caregiver showing a bottle of pills to a female patient.A female caregiver showing a bottle of pills to a female patient.

Medication Management

Traveling to doctor appointments for things like infusions and injections can be difficult, particularly during advanced age or illness. Our nurses assist with medication administration at home, while keeping medication worries off your family’s plate. This includes:

  • Medication set-up and administration
  • I.V. administration
  • Diabetes management
A female nurse assists with a blood pressure device attached to a male patient's arm.A female nurse assists with a blood pressure device attached to a male patient's arm.

Nursing Care

There are great benefits to receiving dedicated, one-on-one medical attention at home, a place of comfort and familiarity. We work with your loved one to develop highly customized care plans so they can live their day as they see fit. Let us assist with your family’s complex medical needs, like:

  • Simple wound care/dressing changes
  • Catheter care (insertion and maintenance)
  • Ostomy/colostomy care
  • Bowel program
  • Oxygen therapy, oral suctioning
  • Enteral nutrition/tube feeding
A female caregiver and client using a pulse oximeter.A female nurse attaches a line to an IV bottle.

Care Management

Right at Home registered nurses provide medical assessments and vital signs monitoring with direct reporting to health care providers to ensure effective care management and continuity of care. Whether it’s hospice support, assistance with enteral feeding, or oxygen therapy, we provide many services such as:

  • RN skilled assessments
  • RN geriatric assessments
  • RN case management
  • RN hospice support
  • Vital signs monitoring and reporting to health care providers

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