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Client Satisfaction is what we strive for daily in our business. We provide our clients and their families with the in-home support they need so that their loved ones can age in place. In today’s faced paced society it is not always possible for family members to provide the amount of care your loved one needs. Our professional care staff can work with you to develop the exact care plan your situation requires.

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Read what our clients have to say:

"Dear Chris, Abbe was a great caretaker and I am happy to see her nomination. Joe is still at Scottsdale Memory Care on Mountain View Road, but is now in the hospice wing. I am fortunate in the care he has received during the progression of his Alzheimer’s dementia - first with Abbe and now in the facility.

Abbe James was a caretaker for my husband, Joe, for six months as he battled mid-stage Alzheimer’s. Ultimately he needed 24 hour care and I placed him in a memory care facility, but I credit Abbe (and the efforts of Chris Martz at Right at Home to find the right person for my husband) for allowing me to keep my husband at home as long as I did. When Abbe first arrived on the scene, Joe still responded to outings and interactions with others. She drove him to the library, out for coffee or lunch and took him on walks. In other words, she kept him active and interactive, while I was able to spend some time alone and go to exercise classes. His decline, however, was rapid. Fortunately she was able to go from half time to full time as Joe was unwilling to accept any other caretaker. She handled the evolution her role with competency and grace. His speech degraded but she kept him expressive. She took him to chair exercise classes while I attended my own classes. She handled his incontinence in a manner that protected his dignity. Between the two of us, we managed to get him to eat lunch. She was a master of redirection when he became anxious and I learned from watching her. Most of all, Abbe extended her care-taking to the family, sometimes checking in with me by text or telephone as my husband’s sundowning became extreme and my stress and fatigue built up. It reached the point that I was sleeping only 3 or 4 hours a night. Abbe helped me work through my guilt as I realized his increasing moods and aggressive behavior made placement in a memory care facility inevitable. She came with me when I brought him to the facility and held my hand afterwards. She has visited him several times since his placement and he is so happy to see her. He is now in hospice (at the same location) and she continues to drop by every 3 or 4 weeks. He still recognizes her." - G.S.

"Chris - I just wanted to thank you for your assistance a few days ago. The suggestions you gave me to get my husband, Joe, to take the tablet were very successful. I have him sip some lemonade, then I quarter the tablet with a pill splitter and put the pieces in key lime yogurt, one quarter at a time. A 30 minute ordeal has been reduced to a couple of hassle free minutes. Again, thank you for your help. " - G.S.


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