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Technology is becoming increasingly more important in order to keep in touch with family and friends. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the senior population in Seattle, WA. In fact, the number of Americans 65 and older who use the Internet jumped 55 percent between 2004 and 2009, rising from 11.3 million users to 17.5 million. As the digital divide between the generations shrinks, new technology specifically designed for senior users is making it easier and more convenient for seniors to stay connected. Right at Home in Seattle, WA takes a look at how technology can keep you connected with your loved one.

Many seniors in Seattle, WA want to jump on the Internet bandwagon, but aren’t sure how. Tools like PawPawMail can help. This is an e-mail system designed to eliminate spam and scams for senior users. Only messages from listed contacts can be sent to the user’s mailbox. It also offers a photo album where listed contacts can upload photos to send to the senior user. Hewlett-Packard offers the innovative TouchSmart computer, which includes a wireless keyboard and mouse. It also offers a touch-sensitive monitor, ensuring ease of use for less tech-savvy users. For those seniors who may not have an Internet connection, there’s Celery. This service transforms any fax machine into an e-mail device. It allows the fax machine to receive e-mail messages, even photos. The user can also send messages—even if they’re handwritten—via fax, and they are e-mailed to the recipient.

In addition to tools designed for web-a-phobes, there are also new web-specific tools for the more adventurous and tech-forward senior. Connected Living is an application that provides a customized homepage for the user where he can share and view photos, send and receive e-mails, listen to music and audio books, record his own memoirs and get news updates. Big Screen Live is a downloadable browser specifically for seniors and Crossloop is a tool which allows the user to share his screen so family and friends can navigate the computer and offer tech support from a distance. Finally, FamiliLink is a one-stop-shop page for aging adults to keep in touch. The interface is user-friendly and allows family and friends to send attachments and photos which will automatically display on the user’s page. Users can create slide shows, enlarge photos, watch uploaded videos and write and receive e-mails all in one location.

With so many new tools on the market, it can be hard for your aging loved one in Seattle, WA to keep up. For this reason, the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging published Staying Connected: Technology Options for Older Adults. This guide highlights texting, e-mail and Facebook, offering instructions and etiquette tips for aging users. This may be a useful tool to present to your loved one when talking about new ways to keep in touch.

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