A Guide To Holiday Charitable Giving


As human beings our sense of community is one of the reasons we evolved and became what we are as society, a lot of people around the holidays want to do something for others but are kind of lost on how to do it or think that they do not have anything to offer, the truth is that your simple presence in a room can change the life of a person. We love to give back to the community, and we're so proud of our team for participating in different initiatives in their local communities, so we went around our offices and collect some of their secrets, that we want to share with you, so you can give back to the community and enjoy the process.


Some basic tips we found around the office are  join a fundraiser, volunteer at a homeless shelter, donate clothes or toys to families in need, there a lot of communities looking for volunteers and donations around this time of the year we will give you some resources and contact names at the end, you do not need to give big presents or donations to impact a person’s life, a pair of socks can keep someone warm, so you do not need to worry, remember your time and interaction with people can also bring the brightest smile to that persons face.


To go dipper on the tips to find resources start by looking around your office, some of your coworkers have a lot of resources and they will do all the logistics for you, the only thing they ask is enthusiasm and that you spared the joy. Our director of operation Hali organize a donation around the office for the organization Gifts of Hope, the first organization to create a Christmas Wishlist at the Othello Village Tiny House Camp in South Seattle. Then reached out to schools, shelters, camps, and low-income housing residents and is now expanding all efforts in south Seattle and created huge back to school events and end of school events, Hali is being sponsoring a family or two and volunteering on the day of and this holiday season with the help of lot of people in the office a family got lots of their needs cover. Thanks to everyone involve with the organization and these small acts of kindness that the community did this organization got 237 sponsors and 600 families supported for this year and 3000 toys. 


Our area marketing manager did a lot of things for the holiday season, she was a volunteer in Santa’s breakfast that had a huge success raising over $900 by selling breakfast to the community and the remaining meals that couldn't be sold went to the shelters, also she participated in the food drive for seniors they were able to collect lots of food, and it was all donated to a local charity that helps senior citizens in need, she also participated on the White Christmas Market  at Weatherly Inn that offered a place for small business to develop connections and give them a platform to shine, you can find this type of events on our Facebook or just be attentive to your local news and radio shows.

Some offices, senior centers, homeless shelters, churches have boxes were you can leave your donations but if you feel unsure about those you can talk check information online, call your friends to see what they know of those communities or get to know them before hand by following them in social media, going to events were you get to meet the people they impact, or make friends with someone close to the community to make sure they are safe and doing things for the right reason. Our marketing assistant was able to give back by talking to her colleague friend that is associated with government and tends to marginalize communities, so she was able to give to kids in need by buying them some gifts and everyday items like pajamas.


Also you can organize with your family or friends to do small acts of kindness, just remember be surrounded by people and take safety precautions, last year one of our associates did a hot chocolate soiree giving to everyone hot chocolate and pastry, everyone walking on the part near her house was able to get a warm treat and you never know if that person did not have breakfast or if they are struggling so is worth the try.


Ask your parents or family if they have anyone in mind, one of our colleagues' moms was a family doctor in a small village so she was able to meet couple of families that needed groceries and clothes, or the uncle of one of our referral partners was sponsoring a kid each month to get him food.


Another tip that is proven useful is posting on social media in your neighborhood watch group about things you have at home and are ready to donate, you will be surprised with the response from community, taking some things, giving resources of where you can take those donations or even following the lead and adding to the donation.


Also remember that sometime our friends and family need us more than others, reach out sometimes they need a warm meal because they have no time, or an invitee to your holiday party because they are feeling lonely, even a call can change their entire perspective on holidays and help them cope with their feelings, so do not underestimate your power on giving back one small act of kindness, Ben our care advisor is calling everyone in his circle of friends to check on them and make sure they stay safe and know they have someone that supports them.


We hope you'll consider giving back too! There are so many ways you can help in your own community—join a fundraiser, volunteer at a homeless shelter, donate clothes or toys to families in need, offer a meal to your neighbor, give respite care in your community, most important be present in the life of family and friends that needs you. You never know who might need your help, or how much of an impact you could make with just one small act of kindness.




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