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Finding the right care can be overwhelming. It seems like you can never have enough information to make an informed decision. That's why we've compiled as many resources as we could about both our company and the things that may be affecting your loved one.

NW Senior Living

Karrie Trengove, the owner of NW Senior Living, is a Senior Housing Specialist we highly recommend.  She does a wonderful job working with families to find appropriate housing and care options for their loved ones.  She specializes in adult family homes and senior communities on the Greater Eastside and parts of King County.

We have worked together with Karrie for over three years and know her to have the integrity, knowledge, and passion needed to help seniors and their families in their time of need.

JADA Health

JADA Health is group of dedicated health care professionals providing mobile primary care to chronically ill, medically isolated older adults.  All JADA Health Providers are board certified Nurse Practitioners with specialized training in geriatric primary care. JADA Health's Medical Director is a well respected local physician with board certification in both geriatrics and internal medicine. 
JADA Health's "modern medical house call" allows provision of primary care in the patient's home setting which facilitates a more holistic approach to managing chronic illness and disease. For more information call JADA Health at 206-322-1050.

North East Seattle Together (NEST)

NEST (North East Seattle Together) is a community-based network of volunteers, vetted vendors, social and educational opportunities that support its members to live confidently in the homes and neighborhoods they love. Based on a successful national model, NEST operates in fourteen neighborhoods in NE Seattle.

More information about NEST or to become a volunteer, vendor, or member please contact Judy Kinney, NEST’s Executive Director, at

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