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Right at Home Seattle and Eastside is hiring people who want to make a difference in their community. We are actively recruiting Community Guides and Life Skills Coaches who will help developmentally disabled clients reach personal heights, become more connected with their community, and build self-reliance.

We are currently hiring for King, South Snohomish, and Pierce Counties.

Examples of Service:

Example One: Billy wants to join the Boy Scouts but is not sure what to expect. He hires Joe, a Right at Home Engagement Coach to go with him to the Boy Scout Troop meetings. In the beginning, Joe helps Billy introduce himself to the other boys in his troop. Later, Billy decides he wants to earn a merit badge. Joe helps Billy learn what he needs to do to earn his first badge.

Example Two: Sally wants to go to her local community center’s pottery class. She hires Joan, a Right at Home Engagement Coach to help her sign up for the class and attend the class together. Joan helps Sally interact with the other people in the pottery class and shows her how to sign up for the class being offered next month. Joan also helps Sally pick out the supplies she needs to bring next time to make her pots.

Example Three: Bob is looking for a new apartment but does not know how to begin the process. Bob hires Keith, a Right at Home Community Guide, who meets with Bob and talks with him about the type of apartment that will meet his needs (location, price range, amenities, etc.). Keith then takes Bob to look at places they found together and helps Bob talk with the apartment manager about the units they have for rent until Bob decides on his new home and signs a lease.


  • The Community Guide or Engagement Coach has skills and abilities to research and connect our clients with people or organizations in their local community
  • Must have experience and or interested in working with the developmentally disabled in their community
  • Must have experience in community service
  • Must pass background check and complete orientation
  • Must have valid drive’s license
  • Must have a computer
  • May not be an employee of DDA or ALTSA or a parent of the waiver participant


For more information please contact Karen Matheney 206-774-1100 x109 or e-mail Karen at for more information.

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