Seattle, WA
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Topics and Guests for Feb 16, 2014 show

We talked to Rebecca Crichton, Executive Director of the Northwest Center for Creative Aging. Rebecca shared the concepts of Positive and Creative Aging., and how the Northwest Center for Creative Aging engages our community through programs and workshops. Contact Information: To learn more about programming in your neighborhood please visit Northwest Center for Creative Aging’s website at You can also contact Rebecca and her staff at 206-382-3789.

We also spoke to Sarah Shelton, a Gerontologist and Board President for the Elderwise Adult Day Program. Sarah shared with us the concept of Spirit Centered Care and how it is practiced at Elderwise. We explored their use of painting through wet-on-wet watercolors as a tool for improved self-expression and social interaction. Contact Information: For more information call Elderwise Adult Day Center at 206-774-6606 or visit them on-line at

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