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Congratulations to Wendy McDonald!

Wendy McDonald

Get to Know Wendy

Hometown - Mitchell, SD
Family - Spouse CJ, Daughter Aurora & Baby (due in May!)
Hobbies - Gardening, reading, and crocheting
Fav Food - Any kind of sandwhich (Hot or cold)
Fav Movie - Stardust
Something interesting about me - I have Dyslexia

Love her personality – she feels like one of my kids – D. Alfson

Very outgoing & willing to help – T Davis

Terrific! Motivated! Always on time – R. Sunderman

I love her! She really listens to me when I talk she is friendly – E Myer

She is awesome! She is outgoing and very giving! – A Krueger

Real Satisfied! – A Mathies

Wendy receives $200 in cash, $50 promotion item and 10 hours of PTO

Way to go Wendy!!!

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