Taking Care of Someone Who's Family is Far Away

We Often Take Care of Clients Who Have Adult Children That Live Far Away

Kari lives several hundred miles from Sioux Falls, so Right at Home is her Fathers's family. We helped her father transition to rehab for a two week stay after suffering a fall. Our Care Manager went to his place for some clothes and other belongings. She made sure to clean the place up a bit so he wouldn't come back to a mess. She tossed old food, took out the garbage, and tidied up. She knew he loved his Diet Coke so she purchased some to present to him along with his clothes. Following strict precautions, the rehab said they would have to quarantine the Diet Coke for 3 days before he could have it, but after some discussion, they agreed to sanitize the cans and deliver to his room. Kari sent us a message to let us know how much our care meant to her:

I can't thank you enough for your help today!!!! Truly you have made these last months bearable so I can continue to make money and work on my career to take care of Dad from afar. It is so hard for me to plan his d/c without being there and to hear he is happy and settled gives me great comfort. He also thinks you hung the moon because you got him his Diet Coke. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

This Covid-19 pandemic has made it even more difficult for seniors who's children live far away. Obviously my emotions run wild with these stories. It’s amazing what such a “trivial” gesture can mean to someone else.

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