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2018 Snohomish County Caregiver of the Year and National Caregiver of the Year Nominee: Gail Morris

Caregiver GailGail strives for excellence. She has followed through with all her training and excelled in all of her courses. She wants to learn and grow and will take on new opportunities with care and caution but also with excellence. She is very communicative with our office and reports all her concerns so that we can give excellent care to our clients.

When we went to an all paperless system, Gail bought in her phone and we went over how to ensure that her documenting was correct. She reports all change of conditions as needed. The following response is from our Scheduler/On Call Manager: I would nominate caregiver Gail Morris, quick reasons would be; her willingness to always help out, her genuine compassion and caring attitude towards clients. I personally appreciate her great communication with me regarding schedules and her charting.

Client Impact

Clients have said many great words about Gail. She is efficient, bubbly, warm, friendly, helpful etc. Gail has often received compliments from clients as we do our supervisory visits. She always has successful visits and clients state during our supervisory visits the she goes above and beyond to make sure they are comfortable when she leaves.

Brand Ambassador

Gail wears her scrub top with honor. She always tells others about our company and has nominated applicants to come to our company. She has supported any event that we have sponsored including our caregiver appreciation, Alzheimer’s walk and others. If we have a call out she has called to take a shift in very short notice and done an excellent job.

Team Spirit

Gail always encourages others when she is in the office. If she happens to be in the office while we are having orientations she speaks highly of our agency and of the others. One of her coworkers sent a shout out about her.

Professional Development

She earned her HCA immediately upon hire and then became nurse delegate able as soon as she can. She attended the Teepa Snow training in order to be able to help her be able to help her clients with Dementia. She always one of the first caregivers to complete her CEU’s monthly.

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