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June Jones

When I think of June Jones, a smile comes to my face. June has been with us for over 3 years and during this time I can’t remember a client that did not like her. She has a very quiet presence, is very professional and really tries to engage right off the bat with her client(s). We have had several cases that have been very challenging and June has not only taken them on but she has done so with so much integrity, putting the client’s needs above the fray and being that quiet consistent presence. I know that there are very few caregivers who I would ask to take care of my mom but June is definitely one of them.

  • She never calls out
  • True to her availability
  • If she is available she takes last minute schedules
  • Very communitive with me on schedules, clients appointments, any change in condition that needs to be documented
  • Never misses a clock in/out
  • Has been with RAH for over 3 years

Caregiver June JonesWhen June first started with our company is 2013, she received all “exceptional” for her reference checks form her community college Certified Nursing Assistant Professor. June is always in attendance when we offer trainings for our caregivers. It is VERY rare for her to miss a meeting or training and if so then she is the first to make up her training. She is currently studying to be a nurse at a local college and we know that she will excel at anything she sets out to do. In Washington state we have to maintain our credentials annually as well as other certifications including Continuing Education Units; she has completed these every year. She is now a Nurse Delegated Caregiver for all nursing tasks as well as Diabetes and Dementia trained as well.

June has continuously shown to our clients the gift of:

  • Empathy and Compassion: Working with people in a home care setting, it is essential that a caregiver feel the desire to want to help. By showing both empathy and compassion caregivers will let the person they are caring for know that they care about the person and want to do what they can to help them.
  • Patience: When you work with someone who needs home care it is important that you are patient and understanding. It helps to sometimes put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see what it might be like to ask people for help.
  • Reliability: A great caregiver is someone that can be counted on to be there. If the caregiver says he or she is going to be there to provide home care every Thursday morning, then the caregiver shows up, unless there is an emergency. Those needing home care services need a reliable and dependable caregiver.
  • Trustworthy: Most people who need home care services are in a vulnerable position. They are inviting someone into their home to be near their valuables. A good caregiver is someone who is trustworthy in this regard, as well as in being trusted to keep the client’s information confidential.
  • Flexibility: As with most things in life, home care needs may change and unexpected events can happen. A good caregiver will be prepared to go with the flow, being flexible, so that they continue to provide good home care, even if a rigid schedule isn’t being followed.

Comments from June’s Clients:

"June is one of the most friendly and positive people I have met. She works will with others and is a nice lady. She is always concerned about how things are done especially as she finishes a shift. “I trust her really.” (Between you and me she is the best you’ve got!)" - Junior S. Current Client

"June started working with Nancy N due to a bike crash where Nancy lost the ability of her lower body to move. June is wonderful! She arrives with a smile and jumps right into our routine. She is conscientious, observant, and very helpful. We really appreciate her March 2017. Nancy N (She is still with Nancy) “June is my primary caregiver. She comes to help me with activities of daily living, dressing, personal care and other programs to help me progress. June makes a note of any issues that I need to watch. I appreciate June’s smile and her willingness to help.” January 2018. Nancy’s response when she learned that June has been chosen by our agency for Caregiver of the Year: Vickie, wonderful! She’s a great candidate. I hope this helps! June is a consummate professional. She is knowledgeable and also open to suggestions while always on the lookout for anything that might cause a future issue for me. She is engaging and also quietly does things that she sees that need attention. Caregivers can sometimes feel like a stranger in your house; June feels like a family member lending a hand. She helps with many things that let me get ready for the day and we always look forward to seeing her." - Nancy, December 2018

In 2016 – 2017, she worked with Mr. D. a veteran, and Barb Stated “we love her to death, she is so good. We don’t know what we would do without her, she is always right there if we need her. She is just the perfect caregiver. I just can’t say enough about June. We are so lucky to have her.” Barb for Jim D. She is great and we really love her. She took a shift for another caregiver without asking when she found out that a “sister” caregiver needed a day off. She is really, really good. - Barb D for Jim D.

June has been requested by many clients. She has been named caregiver of the month multiple times throughout her 3 years. She started out with one of her clients 3 years ago and has continued to be her number one caregiver.

We started with a very difficult client over a year ago, a client that has had high anxiety and often complained about her caregivers. This client, never complained about June and when we had gone through every caregiver on staff, almost literally, June took on an extra shift to help her and has been with her ever since. This client has been with us much longer than we imagined.

June has recruited both clients and caregivers for Right at Home. We know that wherever we send her she will represent Right at Home well. Feedback from clients, family members, and community professionals is ALWAYS positive. We have had referral sources comment to us on how great June works with them and her clients. June definitely has the rare quality of being able to get along with anyone and treats everyone with respect and courtesy. If there is a difficult situation she will report it to the office or appropriate supervisor and then she will attempt to make it work with that client/caregiver. She works well in challenging situations- hospice clients, challenging personalities, those who are very particular, people with mental health issues, etc.

Congratulations June! We are so very happy that you chose to work for our company and continue to choose to work with our company.

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