Everett, WA
(425) 290-1714


Caregiver ChristineChristine is a reliable caregiver. We can always count on her to show up for her shift. She never calls out and is never late. She will gladly take an odd 1 hour shift in remote places. Christine has a true caregivers spirit and is always willing to lend a hand.


Caregiver JuneJune is one of those caregivers that we can rely on to take a hard case and excel at it. She often takes emergency shifts filling in even on her day off. June is reliable and never calls out and is never late.




Caregiver Tony

Tony goes above and beyond to help us out with last minute schedule changes and care giver call outs. He will even stick it out with a more difficult case until a permanent replacement can be found. Two of his clients will change their schedules just to have Tony as their caregiver. Tony also attends Everett Community College pursuing his nursing degree. We are proud that Tony has been with us almost 3 years and look forward to continue working with him.



Faces of Right at Home Minerva

Minerva works a full time job and then works almost every weekend with Right at Home. She has been with us since November, 2015. She goes above and beyond in assisting her clients and is in great demand. We are proud to have Minerva with us.






Faces of Right at Home Darrilyn

Darrilyn has been with Right at Home since February 2016. She work  12-14 hour days because her client loves her so  much and doesn’t want anyone else. We are proud of Darrilyn and her devotion to her client, along with her great work ethic.








"I was shocked to see that I am caregiver of the month for May. I am only part time so this is a genuine honor. Thanks so much for including me in this recognition. Didn't see it coming. I'm on a spiritual retreat in Mexico City. Have wanted to see the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe since I was in the 4th grade, and now I'm here! A group from my parish is here on retreat led by one of our Latino priests. Very moving! See you when I get back, and thank you again!" - Emmy

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