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Thank You For Stepping Up and Standing Strong!

Caregivers Are Superheroes We are so very thankful for our caregivers! They have been amazing during this Coronavirus pandemic and have gone above and beyond in filling in schedules and going the extra mile. Thank You!

Here's a Big 'SHOUT OUT' to . . . 

  • Caregiver Patricia H. for going up and beyond to complete her CEUs despite facing challenges.
  • Caregiver Ella C. for being so quick to always help out, and being so communicative with me on scheduling.
  • Caregiver Hannah S. for accepting a last minute schedule on a Holiday weekend.
  • Caregiver Mere N. for working hard to complete her CEUs.
  • Caregiver Christine W. for being a team player and opening up her availability and offering to work Saturday’s to help cover open schedules.
  • Geoffrey who was able to convince a client to take a shower and the family stated, "we loved him," on his first shift with them - way to go!!!!
  • Caregiver Irene B. for your copy of message left in the Family Room from client’s son Rob.
  • Caregiver Jennifer S. for receiving high praises from a client where she was performing fill-in schedules.
  • Caregiver Loree B. for being proactive and communicating effectively with office staff when there was a change in condition with her client.
  • Caregiver Dupea for being a team player and covering a very last minute overnight schedule.
  • Caregiver Josiphine B. for being very proactive and communicative with office staff regarding her schedule.
  • Caregiver Rahma M. for taking a very last minute schedule and going up and beyond for her client.
  • Caregiver Loree B. for going up and beyond with her client, and reminding us all the true caregiving comes from the heart.

Meet Some of Our Outstanding Caregivers




Dianne, has been one of our superstar employees for over 5 years! She has lots of experience and has worked for some of our most challenging cases. She works hard at being flexible for her clients and often goes above and beyond to help them with their care needs and other needs. For example, she has a client’s whose dog’s need eyedrops and she puts them in for the client. Dianne is very humble and does not toot her own horn, but she should because she not only has been a good employee but a valued person on our care team. Way to Go Dianne!!!!



Brittany is an extraordinary caregiver, who recently performed care with two of our client’s that were on Hospice. Both families expressed what a difference it made having Brittany in their home to care for their loved ones. Brittany is an essential part of our RAH team!! Brittany, loves to help people. She is very strong in her skills as a caregiver and loves to be busy. She is very good with many different types of clients. Brittany is also very strong in her communications with not only the families but our office staff. She is adaptable, teachable and trainable.



Tamara has been a dedicated employee for several months. She is highly dedicated to her client care, consistently creating positive relationships with the people she cares for at Right at Home. We appreciate all she does on a daily basis. She has been a trouper through the pandemic and the trying times. Tamara is such a pleasure to work with. We love that Tamara is always so willing to help out and is always available to take last minute or fill-in schedules. Tamara goes up and beyond for her client’s, and the feedback we get from our clients is that Tamara works with is that she is “irreplaceable” We are so grateful that Tamara is part of our RAH team!!

Christine Wraspir


Wow! Thank you Christine,! We are so happy to hear about our Caregivers who enjoy their job! We are happy you have been with us since 2014!!

I've been with Right at Home for nearly seven years. When I take on a client, I am usually with the client long term. I enjoy my job. Right at Home stands out for their Customer support and service. They go above and beyond to show their appreciation towards their employees. They show empathy, patience, strength and flexibility with new clients and to their caregivers as well. Right at Home provides a full range of personal and companion care and tailor to the clients individual needs as well. Right at Home educates their employees on the special care and needs of a client and to the clients family as well. They offer transportation services to their clients which indeed helps a client with their shopping needs or just getting out of the house for a few hours. Right at Home takes pride in their caregivers and compliments them from time to time. I have nothing but good things to say about Right at Home of Snohomish County.


DoupereCaregiver Doupere is an outstanding caregiver. We appreciate how well he communicates with us on his schedules and availability. It is so impressive that the two client’s Doupere works with absolutely think he is the “greatest”. Every time we speak with one of the client’s he works with they go out of their way to thank us for scheduling him with them, and to tell us how wonderful of a job he is doing.

Doupere was hired in January 2020 and has been an asset to our team ever since. He is not only a certified Nursing Assistant, but he is delegatable and comes with a lot of experience. More so than all that training and credentials he has been a most positive person, working with heavy care clients. He is adaptable and we are so proud of his accomplishments. He is in school studying to be a nurse. His clients have been very satisfied with him. He provides excellent care and a very compassionate attitude towards his clients. We appreciate how well he communicates with us on his schedules and availability. It is so impressive that the two client’s Doupere works with absolutely think he is the “greatest”. Every time we speak with one of the client’s he works with they go out of their way to thank us for scheduling him with them, and to tell us how wonderful of a job he is doing. Thanks Doupere, we appreciate all you do!

Rahma M.

Rahma joined our Right at Home Team in December of 2017. She immediately went to work with a very open spirit, caring and thoughtful in how she adapts to each of her clients. She took care of her client(s) till both of their end of lives and really made a difference in their care and in the lives of the family. She brings peace and comfort to all her clients. She is friendly and one of the most positive people that I have ever met. We believe that she will always be a great asset to our team both professionally and personally. Caregiver Rahma defines what we are looking for in a RAH caregiver. Rahma is always on time, her communication with the office staff is outstanding, she always honors her availability. The feedback that we receive from the clients that she works with is that she bring peace and security to them and their family members, and they are so grateful for her. We value Rahma as an essential part of our RAH team. We love you Rahma!

Christine W.

mary ann

“There is a moral task of caregiving, and that involves just being there, being with that person and being committed. When there is nothing that can be done, we have to be able to say, ‘Look, I’m with you in this experience. Right through to the end of it.’”

Christine brings a sense of calm and security to her clients. She is unflappable in most any situation. Before she accepts a new client, Christine takes the time to evaluate whether she can commit to this client for the long-haul. She knows how important it is for clients to build relationships with their caregivers, to feel safe and secure. She is a wonderful caregiver, she is like a ray of sunshine to her clients with her positive attitude and warm smile. The clients Christine works with consider her like family and look forward to her every visit. Whether it is on the phone or by email after corresponding with Christine W. I am always left with a smile. Christine has been with Right at Home for many years and always provides excellent care. She is a team player and brings such kindness to our clients/team. She reports changes of conditions to our care manager in a timely manner. She has surpassed all of our expectations. I think Christine is a great example of what we desire in our team members. Way to Go Christine.

Joanne E. — 2020 Caregiver of the Year for Right at Home Snohomish/Everett

Caregiver JoJoanne E. has been with our agency for 8 years. She is a calm presence for her clients and really loves to help them. She designates her time to her clients and does not call out unless it is an emergency. If I was to need help at home, I would ask for Jo, she is a no-nonsense kind of person! I like that! Thanks, Jo, for being so great! Beyond her skill as a caregiver, Joanne has the special gift of making her clients feel important and special. She never makes her clients feel like she is there because "it's her job." They know that she really cares about them as people, not because of a paycheck! Joanne has a knack for brightening up a room with her smile, sense of humor, and compassionate spirit. Her heart is evident in the care she gives our clients and she is truly an outstanding caregiver. This quote is so fitting with her personality, "Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn some ones day around."  Caregiver Joanne does just this. Thank You!


"If you're someone people count on, particularly in a difficult moment, that's a sign of a life lived honorably"...Rachel Maddow

Michelle is one of the foundational caregivers that keeps Right at Home Snohomish County strong! She brings such a wealth of knowledge and experience to every care situation, but more than that, she brings compassion, encouragement, and a sense of safety to every client. Michelle quietly flies under the radar, never causing concerns or issues. She is a caregiver that we can confidently place with any client and know that her skill and her heart will provide a wonderful experience for the client and their family. Michelle hired on with Right at Home in 2013 and has been a stellar employee ever since. She is a person who jumps in to help our agency and her clients whenever possible. She has worked with many of our clients in different settings and has been successful. She works with our office team and communicates well, reports client changes and even comes in to chat with our Care Manager if necessary to request for help with the monitoring of her client or any changes that are needed. Michelle is a funny and very personable gal and we are so glad to say that she represents Right at Home Snohomish County in a great way! She is definitely a brand ambassador and is a great cheerleader. Caregiver Michelle deserves to be recognized as January caregiver of the month not just for times she went up and beyond in that month but how her 'can do' attitude and consistency to always go up and beyond carries throughout the rest of the year. Michelle is one of our most skilled caregivers that we have on our RAH team, and we know when a situation presents itself we can always count on Michelle to be there for the team and the client. Thank you Michelle for ALL that you do! Right at Home Snohomish County counts on Michelle and we are never disappointed!

Ella C.

Ella C. Caregiver

“If a person goes to her job with a firm determination to give of herself the best of which she is capable, that job no matter what it is takes on dignity and importance.” — Hortense Odlum

Ella C. came to us this last year with an open mind and open heart. She has never had a client or staff concern or complaint. She is a good communicator for clients and staff. She is very knowledgeable as well. She is always striving to learn more. Ella makes you smile as soon as you hear her name or she walks into a room. We thank her for being such a positive person not only around her clients but around our staff. She is a great Right at Home Brand Ambassador. Ella goes, every day and to every client, with the intent to fully give of herself. Beyond the physical care she gives, Ella gives a sense of safety to the client who is anxious; she gives a gentle calmness to the upset client; she gives compassion to the grieving client and family; she gives companionship to the lonely client; she gives dignity to the embarrassed or shamed client; and she brings joy and peace to the heavy-hearted client. What we appreciate the most about Ella is her positive attitude, she is like a “ray of sunshine”, each time you talk with her your day just seems brighter.

Maryanne P.

mary ann

Maryanne P. is a topnotch person and caregiver for Right at Home Snohomish County. She always puts her clients first, is committed and has great comments from her clients regarding her care. Marianne is a brand ambassador and has even been able to get us new clients by just being a great care taker to her clients! We love her!!!!

"Maryanne cares about others, runs the risk of feeling and leaves an impact on people. She brings happiness to others," says Harold Kushner, Rabbi. Kushner described Maryanne perfectly. Maryanne is a caregiver who cares deeply for her clients. She brings great care, compassion, humor, security and joy to her clients. Thank you, Maryanne, for making a difference in the lives of our clients!

Phil G.

Phil G

Phil takes ‘Caregiving’ to heart. The sense of peace and safety he brings, especially to our hospice clients and their families, is such a gift. His gentle spirit and deep understanding of the process of dying allows families to really focus on just being family during a difficult time. Phil has been specifically requested by clients who were referred to RAH by family members of prior clients…a testimony to the impact he made during his time with them. Phil  has been with our agency as a seasoned caregiver for almost 9 years and has been one of our most dedicated and requested caregivers.  He especially works well with our veterans and those living with Dementia.  His patience is undeniable and always pays off for the client as well as our agency, he makes us look good!   Phil’s compassion and genuine caring spirit is what truly makes him such a wonderful caregiver, the true testimony to this is the high praises client’s family send me, and the fact that new client’s to RAH will request Phil based on referrals from previous client’s or their family members.  We are very fortunate to have Phil as part of our care team. Thank you Phil, you deserve to be caregiver of the month!!!


Caregiver JodiJodi L. is not only a wonderful person but a great care associate with all her clients. She is very conscientious regarding not only their personal care but all the IADLs as well. We are very proud to have Jodi on our team and representing Right at Home Snohomish County to our clients. Jodi is well-deserving of receiving recognition. She is reliable, always prepared for her shift, communicates with her team in a timely manner, and is skilled in the care she provides her clients. Her clients always have kind words to say about Jodi, and they would be devastated if she left. I love knowing that Jodi is with a client…I know that the client is in great hands and if anything goes sideways, she will let me know! Jodi is an excellent caregiver.


Caregiver Doris

We appreciate her kindness to her clients as well as her knowledge of her job. She is able to really take care of her client(s) and be a team player with our office as well.

Doris has been incredible with her clients. She has adjusted her schedule to adapt to the rapidly changing requests/needs of her client. She provided a safe and warm environment for her client as the client lived out her final days. Doris is always well prepared to care for her clients, she knows the care plan and asks for clarification if she has questions.

Doris is a rock star communicator! I always know when something is changing with her clients and she has great intuition and insight into how to help her clients. Doris has a fantastic work ethic and she displayed this most recently with her last client, treating this client as she would a family member. Doris’s communication with office staff on her client’s ever changing condition was excellent.

An event that sticks out in my mind when thinking about what a exceptional caregiver Doris is; her client was set to be discharged on a Friday we received notice on that Thursday at 1p that the client was being discharged that day at 3p and the family was requesting that Doris be at the client’s home when she arrived home from her hospital stay to resume the previous live - in schedule. Doris’s response to this request was give me an hour to pack and I will be there, and she said this with excitement and a genuine readiness to be all hands on to assist her client who was now coming home on Hospice.

This caringness and compassion is what I feel makes Doris not only an excellent choice for caregiver of the month but an excellent part of our RAH Care-Team.


Caregiver Sarah

Sarah has been with us since June of 2018. She is a perfect example of what we are looking for in a RAH caregiver. Her communication with office staff is excellent, she is reliable and very professional, hardworking and a real asset to the RAH team. Sarah goes above and beyond for her client’s needs. We have received many praises from her clients on what a wonderful caregiver she is. She is always cheerful and has a smile for everyone. It is truly a pleasure to have her as part of the RAH care team.




Caregiver Kim

Kim Williams has showed her enthusiasm for her clients since she started. As a dedicated part of the Right Care Team she has shown her loyalty to Right at Home by clear communication, reporting for her client’s wellbeing and keeping up with her training. When we assigned her to a difficult client her response was, “I will work my magic like I did with client….”. She is going above and beyond in not only her caring but her attitude! So glad she has joined our team!

Kim always goes up and beyond for her client’s. She is a very energetic and enthusiastic caregiver. From a scheduling point of view I appreciated how communicative Kim is, she is very quick to always get back to me, which in return makes me feels valued and respected, she is a wonderful team member, very communicative with office. Which is always very much appreciated. Thank you Kim!


Caregiver RocioRocio has been with our agency for over 2 years and always has a smile on her face. She has worked with a large variety of clients and we always have great reports. She deserves to be caregiver of the month! We love that we always get such positive feedback from clients about Rocio. Rocio is one of our most professional caregiver’s. We also appreciate how communicative she is with us, even though Rocio works another job and she is balancing two different work schedules she is always keeping her availability with RAH updated on a weekly basis.







Karrie is a great asset to Right at Home. She always arrives on time to her shift and is prepared. Karrie has great communication skills and is very professional. She is always willing pitch in when needed. We are happy she chose to work with our team.







Caregiver Christine

Christine is a reliable caregiver. We can always count on her to show up for her shift. She never calls out and is never late. She will gladly take an odd 1 hour shift in remote places. Christine has a true caregivers spirit and is always willing to lend a hand.






Caregiver June

June is one of those caregivers that we can rely on to take a hard case and excel at it. She often takes emergency shifts filling in even on her day off. June is reliable and never calls out and is never late.







Caregiver Tony

Tony goes above and beyond to help us out with last minute schedule changes and care giver call outs. He will even stick it out with a more difficult case until a permanent replacement can be found. Two of his clients will change their schedules just to have Tony as their caregiver. Tony also attends Everett Community College pursuing his nursing degree. We are proud that Tony has been with us almost 3 years and look forward to continue working with him.



Faces of Right at Home Minerva

Minerva works a full time job and then works almost every weekend with Right at Home. She has been with us since November, 2015. She goes above and beyond in assisting her clients and is in great demand. We are proud to have Minerva with us.






Faces of Right at Home Darrilyn

Darrilyn has been with Right at Home since February 2016. She work  12-14 hour days because her client loves her so  much and doesn’t want anyone else. We are proud of Darrilyn and her devotion to her client, along with her great work ethic.








"I was shocked to see that I am caregiver of the month for May. I am only part time so this is a genuine honor. Thanks so much for including me in this recognition. Didn't see it coming. I'm on a spiritual retreat in Mexico City. Have wanted to see the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe since I was in the 4th grade, and now I'm here! A group from my parish is here on retreat led by one of our Latino priests. Very moving! See you when I get back, and thank you again!" - Emmy

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