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Lee Ann Bennett, Right Care Human Resources

Lee Ann Bennett

Birth Month: July

Hobbies: Playing PC & Video games, reading (If it’s well written I like it) And relaxing at home with my husband Rick.

Education: Redmond Senior High, Med Prep

Experience: Many years as a Medication Tech/Caregiver, Admin assistant, Resident care coordinator (wellness department manager)

To know about me: I have a pug, her name is Zoey, And I have hundreds of pictures to show you, just waiting for you to ask to see them.

"I have worked many years as a Medication Tech/Caregiver/Resident Care Coordinator. My role at Right at Home Snohomish is to hire the right caregivers, as well as ensure that the agency is audit ready. I also work to ensure that training needs are met and hire only caring, professional people to work on our care teams. Human Resources 425-290-1714 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m."

Heather Imus, Right Care Services Manager

Heather Imus

Birth Month: June

Hobbies: I am a Middle Eastern dancer and have competed around Washington state and danced at fairs, restaurants and multiple venues. My past time is spent going to antique shops and the thrift stores with my mom and daughter. We love finding rare finds and my daughter and I dress up in the funniest clothes we can find and take pictures.

Education: I studied Criminal Justice and I have a Medical Claims Processing degree. I have specified studies in dementia, mental illness, diabetes and end of life. I am an End of Life Doula and my passion lies in hospice and end of life care.

What I want others to know about me: I have been an HCA and CNA since I was 17. My daughter is actually the 4th generation of my family to be a CNA. Caregiving is definitely a passion for my family. I grew up on the Tulalip Reservation and elders are very important and celebrated in my culture, so care for the elderly is really an honor for me to do. I have worked as an in home provider for Copes, skilled nursing facilities, private care and as a med tech at a memory loss facility. I have 2 adult children and 2 beautiful and energetic puppies.

My Work Experiences: I have worked as an HCA, IP, Med Tech and CNA for 29 years. I also have extensive training in dementia, mental health, diabetes and I am an end of life Doula. I've worked at a skilled nursing facility, in home care and a memory loss facility. I also worked as an instructor training HCA's to gain their certification and their continuing education training throughout Washington State. As the Care Manager at Right at Home my priority goal is to build a cohesive relationship with our clients and caregivers to ensure the best care possible.

Toni McKinnon, Right Care Inside Sales/Marketing

Toni McKinnon

Birth month: October

Hobbies: I love painting canvas, murals, glass and furniture. I also enjoy biking, hiking, gardening, organizing and design.

Education: Diploma in Vocational Nursing, Milwaukee Area Technical College

Experience: I practiced nursing as an LPN with a focus in long term care for many years. I then branched out in to my own medical records business and consulting with long term care facilities on proper documentation and auditing. Later I moved into pharmaceuticals with a specialty in enteral, urological and wound care with emphasis in Medicare part B billing.

About me: I am married for too many years to count to my best friend, Patrick. I am the mom of two adult sons, I have a wonderful daughter in law and have identical twin grandsons. We recently adopted a rescue dog after our dog of 12 years passed on. I love my family and enjoy spending my time with him.

Why I love my job: I have always loved people and listening to their stories. Compassion, kindness and caring is what life is about and this job allows me to do all of it.

What I want the Clients and caregivers to know about me: I love my family. I live for each day and life is too short to not experience to the fullest. I don’t fear getting older, I celebrate now.

"I have been with Right at Home for almost 3 years and enjoy working as Inside Sales and Marketing. Right at Home allows me the opportunity to grow and learn.”

Katherine Speed,  Right Care Staffing Coordinator/On Call

Katherine Speed

Birth Month: April

Hobbies: Hiking, Snowmobiling, Spending time with family, Traveling, and Cooking

Education: Certified Nursing Assistant, Currently pursuing a Registered Nursing Degree

Experience: I have worked for several years as a Caregiver and as a Care Manger in Home Health Care. I am also a Hospice volunteer.

Why I love my job: Although the days are busy, there are still those special moments when someone says or does something and you know you’ve made a difference in someone’s life. That’s why I love my job.

"I have worked for several years as a Caregiver and as a Care Manager in Home Health Care. I have been with Right at Home 2 years as the after-hours on call. I am currently finishing my degree in Health Care Management and have now taken over the day to day scheduling as well as assisting in the office with insurance billing. For Scheduling, please call 425-319-8717."

Angelia Herman, Relief On Call

Angelia Herman

Birth Month: November

Hobbies: Being spontaneous, trying new things, hiking, swimming, traveling, taking pictures, and taking my dog on adventures.

Education: High school & Some College

Experience: While I lived in Missouri I worked as a caregiver for individuals with disabilities from 2008-2014. This really molded me into the person I am today. It taught me patience and a lot of it. I believe I have always had a calling for helping in others is all different aspects of life. When I moved to Washington I started working for RAH as a caregiver and then began working in their office which also gave me a lot of other experience that helped me grow as an individual.

What I want others to know about me: Moving so far away from everything I once knew was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has taught me so much about who I am and the things I want to work for in life and I believe the best motto to live by is knowing that life is the adventure, we should live everyday like it is our last. Lastly, I have a dog who is perhaps one of the most interesting breeds you have ever heard of. He is a Pitbull Chihuahua named Azar and he is my adventure buddy.

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