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"Rahma has been with us on “night duty” for over a year. We always look forward to her shift. She is very knowledgeable about Bill’s medical issues, is very professional and eager to please. She is always cheerful and nice to be around."

Bill and Marilyn H.

"I like that all the caregivers have been very helpful and the company has done a good job in meeting my requirements. They've helped meet my requirement of transportation to different doctor appointments. The caregivers help around the house and with de-cluttering. They help with light laundry and cooking. They keep me updated with what's going on, and they meet my changing requirements. They check in to make sure I'm happy with the caregivers they've sent out. I appreciate their willingness to help and that they provide advice on how to improve my living conditions."

David P.

"They are very attentive to my needs, and they get me to where I need to go. They do the things that need to be done well. They assist me with housekeeping, cooking, and things I can't do myself. They are really good at organizing transportation in early morning and finding a way around shortage of staff."

Alan K.

"They're prompt, professional, and the quality of care is great. They've helped out by being there for us and for taking care of everything we need them to take care of. They do light housekeeping and stand-by assists to make sure Olivia isn't going to fall. They're here to support us. They're very easy to get a hold of. If they don't answer the phone when I call, they call right back. They're just great. They match the caregiver up with Olivia, personality-wise and everything. They know beforehand that the caregiver is going to work well with Olivia. I don't believe there's anything they could do to improve. They already go above and beyond."

Olivia L.

"I researched three companies, and Right at Home was the only one that had reached out. I have already recommended them. They are caring, professional and responsive. They look after my husband and me. They come two afternoons a week. As soon as they, arrive I am able to leave the house without worrying about my husband. The caregiver looks out for my husband's best interest. She reports and communicates clearly. She doesn't like to sit idly. She sweeps, mops the floor, and cleans the house. She attended additional training to get more skills so she could help us. The scheduling person is really responsive. Anytime I call to make a change, they make it happen. We looked over Jerry's care plan and were able to meet his needs."

Lila - for Jerry

"I’m writing to let you know how much my mom and dad like Rahma. They’ve really seem to have “connected” with one another. I was at their house yesterday and got to meet Rahma too, and I can see why they like her. Thank you for employing someone who’s so good with my folks. Seeing Rahma brought a big smile to my Mom's face at a very hard time. I’m grateful for the services you all provide, Thank you for that."

Wolf O.

"I have a veteran man who has dementia so I called the VA and they recommend Right at Home. I like that I can leave the house without worrying about my husband. It keeps my sanity because I can have a day off and it allows him to see another friendly face. The caregiver is pretty good, she is personable, has a good personality, and puts a lot of effort into what she does. She takes care of watching my husband so he doesn't wonder off and helps with preparing his meals. I love her compassion and she is considerate. She takes care of emotional needs. The communication with the office staff has been excellent, I can't think of anything they could do to improve."

Judy P.

"I selected Right at Home Snohomish because I had used them previously and was happy with them before. They are very reliable. The people they have sent have worked very well with me and I have been able to get everything accomplished that I want. They are helping with getting me to doctor's appointments and places I want to be. They help around the house and get things organized. They do a quick run through to see if they can find anything they should be worried about. They have all seemed interested in getting things done and helping me out. They have done things like make suggestions as to what can be done to reduce the chance of falls. They have made suggestions to reduce clutter so I can find and get to them more easily. They have been helpful in non-medical ways. They have done well at letting me know what will be going on in the coming weeks."

David P.

"Right at Home has just provided a good service. I haven't had any bad experiences. They do things that I can't do anymore. They vacuum for me, clean my bathroom, make my bed, and change my sheets. The caregiver knows what to do and I don't have to tell her what to do. The Right at Home caregiver is understanding and asks me what more she can do when she finishes a task."

Clarice A.

"They were recommended to me. I would tell someone that they do what they say they are going to do. The caregivers assist my mother with medication and food. They help with the daily stuff. I have never met them, but they seem likable and I like that the caregivers have humility towards my mother. I like that the caregiver does not talk down to my mother. They provide constant communication when my mother tries to change something. They get in touch with me right away."

Lorraine H. Review by Responsible Party: Tom G.

"They are very fast and quick, and their services are the best. I tell everyone to use them. They are good people, and even the owners come in to get to know us. They do our scheduling, and everyone shows up for their shift. They make my life easier, and I do not have to get worried. They have very good teamwork. The caregivers come in, they do the training, and no one has been lazy. They do their job with professional training. They are able to take us to the doctor and everything. She helps me to do anything for my mom. They are very helpful to come out with me. We have four girls, and they are able to do anything for us. The scheduler is the best. I call them last minute, and they are able to come in. I would request everyone to have Right at Home."

Carol A. Review by Daughter

What was the reason for discontinuing services with Right at Home?

"We were getting better so we figured we could take care of ourselves. They were right there and very attentive to our needs. They were very friendly and felt comfortable being in our home. They helped me get up and to be able to get to the bathroom. They rolled with our suggestions and went along with it. They were aware of our care and made sure our needs were looked after. They washed our clothes and made our bed. They kept our house neat. They were very good. I appreciate their willingness to help with the things we needed. They didn't say no to anything. They were happy to assist. They were friendly and outgoing people. They were helpful.

- Eleanor O.

"They've been right on time and always take great care of me. They keep my house clean and cook for me, which I need help with. Ordinarily, they always get things done before I even have to ask them. Whenever I ask a question, they're there with a schedule and an answer. I really like their friendliness and willingness to do what needs to be done without being asked. "

- Dan S.

"They seem dedicated to helping me. I have always liked the people they have sent. They are thorough, kind, and friendly. It is reassuring to know that my mother is in good hands while I am not here. They are here on time, and they go beyond my expectations. They help my mother get to the restroom, get dressed, make meals, help with the oxygen tank, and are there to help with whatever she needs. They show compassion through everything they do, their attitude, behavior, and the kindness they show my mother. They are compassionate, kind, and thorough. They have a good understanding on what my mother needs."

- M.B.C. for Mary C

"They have been very attentive and taken care of everything that I needed. They helped him with his showers, did the laundry, and changed the bed. They got everything done, and they were responsible about getting the things done that were needed. It all impressed me that they would help him with his shower, give him medication, and change the beds. They talked to him, and they cared about him. One time, I was late getting home, and they stayed here until I got here. The office staff is very cooperative, understood the issues I was facing, and did all they could to take care of it. I liked that the staff would talk and joke around with him."

- For John S.

"Right at Home has a total willingness to do anything they can to help my daughter. They are there are to help my daughter. Before they were there, I had to do everything, and now I have time for myself. They always show up on time and they are very courteous to the whole family. They do a lot of stand-by assist for my daughter because she tries to do things on her own. They are courteous and attentive to the responsibilities they have. I appreciate their reliability, dedication, and the respect they have for our family. If the insurance would pay, we would have them 24/7."

- Christine S.

"I selected Right at Home because I was recommended to them. I would recommend Right at Home because they are very thorough and compassionate. The caregivers who have come have been hard workers based on my father's positive report to me. The caregivers come to do some housekeeping. The office at Right at Home calls me to update me, and they were thorough in our initial assessment. The caregiver who came the first time was not the best fit, but we will be getting a new caregiver on the next visit and we will see how that works out. At this time, Right at Home cannot improve. They have done a good job and have been very helpful."

- Becky P. for Raymond W.

"Right at Home was more responsive. They called me right back and wanted the details of what I needed. I would say that Right at Home is responsive and flexible. My needs changed rapidly. I wanted someone to come with little care, but then I needed more care for my father, which Right at Home was able to give. Right at Home has been able to make life easier because my situation deteriorated rapidly and they helped me with what I needed. Right at Home was able to help anticipate my needs. The caregivers show up on time, and a couple of times my mother had needs and a couple of times they helped my mother after the clock. They would ask me what else they can do. The caregivers did better that I did with helping my parents. I am happy with the caregivers, they are really understanding. My father was in need of physical assistance, and Right at Home would send caregivers who had long experience in that. They also sent a caregiver that had the right personality for my mother. I would recommend Right at Home to any family who needs support. There is nothing that I can think of for Right at Home to improve on."

- Colleen W. for Jeanne B.

"Right at Home's assistance made life easier for me. I would say that they were very respectful, friendly, and listened to me. Right at Home's assistance made life easier for me. The caregivers came and knew what they were doing. They were friendly and outgoing. They were calm with me and able to see to their jobs with cheerful outlooks. They showed compassion by listening to me and being kind to me. I really don't think there's anything to improve with Right at Home. I mean that sincerely."

- Eleanor O.

"I would tell a friend that Right at Home was timely, cordial, kind, considerate of our time, and caring of my loved one. Right at Home was flexible with the hours and very good at working with us on our needs. The caregiver from Right at Home showed a good work ethic by taking into consideration what my loved one needed, without pressuring them, to provide support for them. The caregiver from Right at Home was able to prepare food for my loved one, asked what they would like to eat, and was flexible in taking care of their needs. The caregiver showed compassion by being considerate of my loved one's needs and in helping them as needed, as well as making sure they were fed and comfortable. The care coordinator was flexible with the times to meet with us when working on the contract for each time that my loved one had. The caregiver was a good match because she lived close to my loved one so that she could come at different hours of the day and when needed. I can't think of anything that Right at Home could have done to improve our satisfaction with the services."

- Susan L. for Dorothy L.

"Right at Home's caregivers are on time, they are interested, and they are just good people. My loved one enjoys the caregivers when they come. The services make life easier for me because I don't have to be there for every single minute. All of the caregivers have been just really good to my loved one. He has been really happy with them. The caregivers are very good about helping Jim when he needs help with his computer or other things that he has. They are very good about sitting and talking with him. We have one caregiver that takes Jim for a walk if it is a nice day. Jim looks forward to her coming so she can give him a walk. Most of the caregivers will do some sweeping or vacuuming, even if I don't ask them to. The caregivers give Jim his showers. They are very careful with him. He can move around, but he can't walk. They are very comforting to Jim. He really cares about them a lot. I am very thankful for Right at Home's office staff. I am 82, and so is Jim. I need the help and they help a lot. The caregivers are very good. They are just very comforting, they are very understanding, and they seem to look to try and help."

- Barbara D. wife of Jim D.

"Right at Home does a really good job at trying to find the right caregiver for each client. The services give me time for myself. My husband looks forward to his visits from the caregiver. The caregiver focuses 100% on Tom while he is here. They talk about cars, movies, and pictures, and other things my husband is interested in. The caregiver is good at looking for as much of the thought process that is still there in my husband. The caregiver shows he cares in the way he treats my husband. When there is a change in the schedule, the office staff has always been good about communicating that with me about it ahead of time so I can know my options. I think the caregiver and my husband have a lot of the same interests, so they get along well."

- Lynn S. wife for Thomas S.

"Right at Home is professional and reliable. Right at Home's services brought peace of mind. The caregivers were required to monitor the patient during his recovery. The caregivers were able to meet our expectations with respect to monitoring the patient. The office staff was quick to respond and execute our needs. Right at Home is great at listening to and working with the clients and their families. They know what kind of people I can work with."

- Lynda H. for Gerald S.

"I liked that Right at Home was a local group of the places given to me as choices. I felt they had the best answers to my questions. Right at Home has given me personal responses within short order if not immediately. Everyone has been willing to answer my questions or help me find answers. They took the time to talk and never made me feel like a bother. I know I can plan whatever I need to do and that my husband will be cared for and enjoy himself. The caregiver is a real and honest guy that will do whatever we ask. The caregiver listens to what Bryant uniquely needs and doesn't just follow a list. The caregiver will try and do things that he knows Bryant will enjoy. He will find an interest and take the time to make things personal. Anytime I have had a question, the office will get back to me in a timely fashion. The caregiver is a good match because it has been helpful having someone who has military experience and can relate to him. We like having someone who is patient and calm, and Tony has been great."

- From the Family of Bryant V.

"Right at Home caregivers have been great and working with the office on changing schedules has been pretty easy. Right at Home has allowed me to get out and do some things on my own, like going to an exercise class and running errands.

The caregivers help with dishes, sweeping, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, dusting and some go for bike rides with my husband. They show they care about my husband by being with him long enough to know what he likes and doesn’t like. He likes to have freedom and they give him that while being there."

- Margaret O.

"My mother is 94 years old and insists on living alone in her own house and still drives her car around town. She has never wanted any kind of help and really hasn't needed it until lately. Now, with her high blood pressure and progressive memory loss, she has finally decided it's okay for someone to help her a little each day. My wife and I are not professional caregivers and this is the first time we've really had to learn what it's all about. We spent 3 weeks talking to everyone we knew and following whatever leads we had to find out what we could do to help. We talked to mom's Elder care attorney, her financial adviser, her pastor and many of her friends.

We interviewed in depth at least 12 other caregiver agencies and several individuals to see what would be best for mom. We quickly decided not to hire a private individual as there was no recourse if something went wrong. Mom needs someone to check her blood pressure every day and make sure she takes her medication. If a private caregiver couldn't make it on any given day, it was dubious if anyone would show up at all.

We decided to hire "Right at Home" in Marysville after talking to Victoria and seeing how she treated mom. Victoria is a truly warm and caring person and really knows how to organize. She's very hands on with her caregivers and didn't hesitate to come with them to meet mom and really make sure the right people were there for mom. Mom has needed to go to several appointments and the caregivers as always right on it to make sure everything happens as scheduled. They also take mom to the YMCA every morning at 7:30 AM so she can do her water aerobics. They help her with chores around the house and make sure she has good food ready to eat. Mom was so resistant to getting help at first but now she has come to realize how good it is for her! She likes to be spoiled by the family and now she gets to be spoiled by some new people! It's so comforting to know that mom has help whenever she needs it! The caregivers live very close by and can be called 24 hours a day in an emergency."

We recommend to anyone that needs some elderly care in Marysville to contact Victoria at "Right at Home". Talk to other agencies too so you can find out just how good "Right at Home" really is! Another recommendation for those that haven't done it yet. Get an estate plan in place for your elderly loved ones. Not a bad idea at any age really! Also a living trust and don't forget the will. It costs some money but saves all kinds of family and legal problems after you or your loved one passes. We thank Victoria and everyone at "Right at Home" for all their help and care!

- Elliot B

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