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Service Descriptions

Sitter Services: Caregivers are available to sit and monitor a client during their stay in a hospital or nursing facility; emergent services are billed at a premium rate.

Light Personal Care: Caregivers may assist with grooming, personal care, peri care, transferring and other "Hands On" Care in addition to light housekeeping, meal preparation, med reminders and transportation. Client must need 3 ADLs.

Heavy Personal Care/Nurse Delegated/End of Life Care: Caregivers may work with client in performing ambulation’s, showering, bed baths, and assist in end of life care including: medication, insulin, colostomy, ostomy, catheter, sublingual medication, and other care services that fall under Nurse Delegated tasks. End of Life Care is in support of Hospice care.

Extended Shifts (formerly known as Live-In): *Caregivers are available for two 24-hour live-in basis. In exchange for a reduced daily rate, client is responsible for Room and Board. Caregiver works 8 hours, receives 8 hours of leisure, and 8 hours of sleep during which time they must get a minimum of 5- 6 hours un-interrupted sleep in a separate room. They can get up 1 - 2 times per night but never more than 3x.

Overnight Sleepover Services: Caregivers are available to provide overnight service, in which they arrive during the evening, assist the client in preparing for bed, and then sleep in the client’s residence during the evening. The service assumes a maximum of 10 hours of service per shift. * Caregiver can assist up to 3 times. Additional services can be provided at standard rates.

Couples Care: Caregivers are available to provide services to couples at a significantly reduced rate. If a separate care plan is developed, and services are provided to two residents, the fees for the second client are 25% of the cost of services for the first client.

Hospital to Home Transportation Services: Caregivers are available to assist clients during the admissions and/or discharge process from a hospital, nursing facility, outpatient clinic or from a surgery center. Caregivers are available to accompany the client to/from the facility and their primary place of residence. In addition, they can help with Rx pickup, meal preparation, grocery shopping, and light housekeeping.

Care Management: Families can utilize our care management services to oversee care if unable to be here or in emergent situations. Contact our Care Managers directly for hourly rate & specific requests.

All shifts are dependent upon an assessment for care services.

Office Staff

Mark Johnston – Owner, Accounts Payable

Victoria Johnston – Owner, Right Care Direct Supervisor

Suzanne Carson, LPN – Right Care Services Manager

Toni McKinnon – Right Care Inside Sales & Marketing

Katherine Speed – Right Care Staffing Coordinator and On Call

Angelia Herman – RightCare Weekend Relief

Michelle Dupea, CNA, NDD Rightcare Specialist

Kristina Pasiecznik, Rightcare Personnel(HR)

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