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Character When I think if Phil, I think of a wonderful caring person with a great sense of humor. Phil has been working with us for 4 of our 6 years, he is teachable and trainable, he is caring yet professional. He is adaptable. He is confident yet humble. When I asked him why he wanted to work for Right at Home he gave me the following:

Phil Goodwill"I like working with Right at Home because they really care about every client and each caregiver. Right at Home has my back. They keep me as busy as I can be by finding really great people to work with. They provide my regular C.E. training. They provide a caring & listening ear when I need to "really talk". And when I have suggestions they listen & respond with respect. Even though 99.9% of the time I am on shift alone, I really do feel like I am part of a much larger team.

On an additional note in the reality is that I have done more hands on ministry in my four years with Right at Home than in twenty-two years as a Pastor."

- Phil Goodwill

Phil works very well with all clients of nationalities and color as well as gender. As I look back on every year we have had in business I would say that Phil emulates what the Right at Home culture wants to reflect, he is the Right Person with the Right Approach, providing the Right Service with a strong heart for the Right Mission. I am proud to have him represent Right at Home Snohomish County.

Client Impact

Over the years, Phil has served many of our clients. Many of those clients have been our veterans. He is very alert to the family dynamics that play into many emotional situations and is able to navigate through many circumstances especially with the spouses of those veterans who are living with Dementia, PTSD and many other chronic illnesses. Many of our clients have commented that they "love Phil" and his caring heart. In fact, this year one of our veterans called me directly and requested "I'd like to have Phil Goodwill if I can." I looked to see if Phil had ever been there and it was a no. I asked the client and he said that he had heard about Phil from another caregiver. Nobody has done that with any of our caregivers to this date. Phils serves clients by improving their lives in many ways.

First, he is credentialed as Nurse Delegated so he is able to provide medication administration and other nurse delegated tasks because of his experience and training. Phil has also gotten trained in Teepa Snow, Dementia training. This year he went to a training with his client and their family on Huntington's disease in order to better help and assist his clients. Phil had car trouble one weekend, and instead of calling out, he paid for Uber to come and get him, which was no cheap cost to him.

When clients speak of Phil, they speak of him very affectionately. They complement him on his friendliness and also his compatibility. They have remarked that he is patient, kind and very thoughtful. One of our clients was living with Dementia and Phil would go in and talk to him, help him to the bathroom, provide his meals so that the spouse could take a break. It came out that Phil was a pastor and so was this Veteran before his retirement years. Often Phil would come into the office with a gleam in his eye and fill me in regarding the conversations that these two men of God had. He said, that he would often back down if it came to theoretical differences of opinion but that he could tell that his client loved to be able to talk on that level with someone in spite of his Dementia.

In addition, he will come into the office to talk to me about specific clients and how to handle their care. For example, he called the other day to let us know that the client had fallen over the weekend, while we were not there, helped him to get an appointment and filled us in when the appointment was accomplished. He communicated well with the daughter when she called the home.

Brand Ambassador

Phil rarely misses a day of work. He took some time off to go and be with his son who is special needs and when he returned came right back to work as if he was never gone. He comes into the office a couple of times per week and if there is an orientation going on he will remark to the attendees that he loves working at our company. He comes to every training and in the past has walked with us during our Alzheimer's walk. Phil has filled in as "office staff" to answer phones when we were shorthanded or has done filing.

Team Spirit

As a new employee our caregivers attend orientation, get a supervisory visit in their first 90 days, we do care starts at each and every client start with a new caregiver or client. He passed his 90 days with flying colors and has been a Right at Home cheerleader ever since. This caregiver is always wearing his Right at Home Scrub top, is clearly conscientious of his appearance and his hygiene and is always ready to go to work having read the care plan. He interacts well with the care manager and lets her know what is going on with his individual clients. He makes us look good by being so professional.

He is on to communication regarding the clients’ needs as well as being flexible to adjust his schedule. For example, today a client's son called and stated this they were going to be an hour late, the client said he could go in and do housekeeping or come an hour later. He called back and said, why don't we split it, I will come a 1/2 hour later and work 1/2 hour later and specified what was needed for client care if he was to show up early and the client was not there. He wanted to clarify how he could make this worth the client paying that extra time he would be there for the client.

He goes over and above the call of duty and has called in to report to the office or on call when a client has a problem. For example, one of our clients needed the caregiver to go to the bank and get him some cash. The client's pin number did not work and this aggravated the client so he called us to see if we could step in to assist so that this client could get a resolution for his problem and so that he followed office policy. When we call for a 24 hour emergency fill in shift or 12 hour shifts he will call to say that he can work an emergency overnight if we really need him to do that or he can work part of the shift.

He rallies behind the office team and when he comes in he jokes and brings a positive spirit. One of the remarkable things about this "young" man is that in spite of his age he has a young spirit. I don't often call a caregiver my friend, but I deeply appreciate the respect and the care I receive. This past year, I was diagnosed with cancer and without knowing it, Phil often came in and just sat with me in the office asking what he could do for me. Now that he knows that the results are great he comes in and asks me how I am doing and reminds me to take care of myself. I appreciate that so much, that I cannot say.

Professional Development

Phil is required to complete 12 Continuing Education units per year. He uses Right at Home University but has also attended a few conferences including the training from Teepa Snow, Huntington's training, gotten his nurse delegation and nurse delegation diabetes. He is committed to being professional by getting his credentials renewed every year and although we provide a training certificate of $60 per year he has gone over and above that to make sure that he understands other chronic illnesses.

- Victoria Johnston, Owner and Direct Care Supervisor, Right at Home Snohomish County

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