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Our Home Care Therapy Dog, Myla

Right at Home East Atlanta and South Atlanta Therapy Dog Myla
Myla our Portuguese Water Dog joined our office February 2013.

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Finding the Right Therapy Dog for Our Office

We were looking for a family pet that could also hang out at the office during the day with the ability to visit with our referral sources and their patients and residents. We understood the benefits of seniors interacting with pets.

Myla was chosen from the breeder because of her sweet personality and her calm disposition. She does not shed and is considered hypo allergenic.

Therapy Dog Training

Myla has been though one on one formal training on basic commands and then she went through the local American Kennel Club (AKC) training to complete the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program. This allowed her to take the therapy dog test which was evaluated at a rehab facility to see how she functioned in those settings.

She has been registered and insured to visit homes, communities,hospitals and schools.

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Job Requirements: Patience, Emotional Intelligence

"Myla, is a professional so when we go out and visit she is always on her best behavior. There are other times when she is not the only dog around and she understands that she has to be calm, cool and collected. She is a gentle soul, even if a senior is tugging on her ear or asking her to jump into their lap, she is going to stay in her position until told differently. One of her favorite enjoyments is to be pet and rubbed on her head. Ironically, that is her job when she is visiting, so she has the perfect job that impacts people everyday." - Right at Home Owner Mark Ross

Myla the Therapy Dog from Right at Home East Atlanta, out on a client visit Myla the Therapy Dog from Right at Home East Atlanta, out on a client visit

A Day in the Life of a Canine Caregiver

Daily Routine

Myla will visit all of the staff in the office on any given day to say hello, see if there are any treats to had or to ask to be taken out for a walk. If the Director is not in the building she is usually waiting by the door sitting in a chair, people watching. If she is working she will visit community and say hello to the residents in the activities room and then make visits to the residents that don't make it out of their rooms often or are dog lovers. Myla is good at putting a smile on your face, if you give her a chance.

Myla likes to people watch, she has a few tricks up her sleeve that she will do in trade for a treat, and she is an avid swimmer. She does not know a pool or a lake that she does not like.

Myla likes to ride in the car so if she sees you picking up the keys, she is turning circles in excitement. She is typically in the backseat with her head out the window. She visits dog parks and hangs out at any store that is pet friendly. She likes to celebrate her birthday in style as well!

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