Patchogue, NY
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Lilly Acevedo is the owner and operator of Right at Home, Patchogue, NY. Lilly is a Nurse by profession and has worked in the geriatric care field in nursing home and the short term rehabilitation settings.

Lilly completed her Medical Studies in Florida, while in the Banking Industry that she worked in for over 7 years. Lilly is very involved in the community outreach through her church and other organizations. After doing bedside nursing for many years and working with the developmentally population, it was observed that her intervention of care and support to her patients was more than just about money.

Lilly wanted to ensure that care intervention was more on a compassionate level and therefore switched to working in homecare with agencies where there was more of a direct personal care. Lilly has always wanted to follow her family members footstep in owning her own business. She was a coordinator for a homecare agency in Florida, in the early 1980’s owned by her brother and therefore decided that owning a Right at Home Agency would be the best way to go after doing a survey on the industry.

The decision was not an easy one to make but instead she focused on what she could offer her clients and what the returns could be and furthermore the compassionate satisfaction that goes with it. Lilly opened a Right at Home Agency in 2007, a leap forward as the only Right at Home in New York at that time.

Lilly has one daughter, Anteja Acevedo who is also a Nurse, a business owner and an Army officer. They both give support to each other when the occasion calls. Anteja is also her the compliance reviewer for Caregiver homecare records in the office.

Lilly is currently a member of the Long Island Alzheimers Assoc.,(LIAF) and the Medford, NY Chamber of Commerce.

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