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Right at Home Indianapolis Southeast Owner Van Andrews

Van Andrews grew up in South Bend, IN and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from Indiana State University in Business. He left Indiana after college and lived in many different states as he followed his career in technology. Van spent most of his management career traveling for various technology companies such as Gateway, US Robotics, Toshiba and Panasonic. After spending twenty years in California Van decided that he wanted to return to his Midwestern roots, and he and Marilynn moved back to Indianapolis to be closer to family and the honest and sincere people who surrounded him in his early life.


“Having the ‘RightServices’ delivered with excellence to our loved ones is a great way to keep them happy and healthy.”

~ Van Andrews

Senior Home Care is Personal to Van

In 1998 Van’s mother passed away after suffering from pancreatic cancer. Near the end of her life Van’s family utilized a hospice service to provide primary care for their mother, and their eyes were opened to the impact of the home health care industry on patients and their families.  

A New Path

After this experience, Van began researching the health care service business and attended classes to learn about health insurance so that he could become more familiar with the industry. With healthcare at the forefront, Van wanted to make sure he was well educated concerning the healthcare market. After meeting with the RAH corporate team during Discovery Day, Van realized the company truly understood the healthcare segment and provided an incredible support system for their franchisees to give the best client experience in the industry.

Van Andrews is a member of Truth at Work, a faith-based organization that helps business owners develop their organizations based on proven biblical principles. Truth at Work teaches how to integrate faith into interactions with clients, employees, and provides help in facing personal and business challenges. Van also serves on the board of the Indiana Parkinson’s Foundation, an organization that provides resources for families living with Parkinson’s.

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Tammy McMinn, Co-Owner

Tammy McMinn, Co-Owner

Tammy grew up in Southeast Missouri graduating from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Business. Her career background has included looking after nurses and doctors in the Hospital and Home Health environment for the past 25 years. Most recently she has lived in Christchurch New Zealand where she worked closely with Home Health Nurses and Clients for almost 15 years.

Why Home Care Matters

After seeing the positive impact of "Care at Home" in New Zealand, she began researching business opportunities in the US. Tammy is excited to be able to partner with Van Andrews in his established Right at Home Indy business. The opportunity to provide service, education and employment for clients and caregivers across the Indianapolis area provides Tammy with her greatest purpose. Thank you for checking out Right at Home Indy.....please give us a call to set up an no obligation assessment!

Brianna Jones

Communication Coordiator

Brianna JonesBrianna Jones is an Indianapolis native who has recently graduated from Marian University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. She has joined the Right at Home North team as a Communications Coordinator where she will primarily focus on recruiting, social media management, and team member development. Prior to her role at Right at Home, Brianna worked in the hospitality industry as a service manager and sales director. As she found her passion in helping others, she took the leap into healthcare and is thrilled to find her place in the home office.

Gail Carmack

Client Care Coordinator, Preceptor

What I do: Personal Care Attendant, Preceptor. I work in the home in direct care of clients as well as being a Preceptor which means that I assist in the training and monitoring of our caregivers.

What I like about my position: I like working in the home and office as I am able to have close interaction with clients and caregivers as well as interact with office staff. The interaction lets me keep the office staff up-to-date on client information and caregiver performance. These positions give me the ability to have a dramatic impact on ensuring that the clients receive the best possible care.

Why I like working with Seniors: Seniors are walking and talking history books. I am able to gain first-hand knowledge of their life experiences. Seniors are also full of wisdom that can give new direction in creating our own personal history.

How long I have been in the position: In March 2007, I came on board as a caregiver, I then was selected to Preceptor.

Lyndsay Miller

Administrative Assistant/Payroll

What I do: I am the Administrative Assistant and Hiring Coordinator. I am responsible for recruiting, hiring, keeping documents up to date, and running payroll

What I like about my position:I love the company and the people I work with. I enjoy being the hiring coordinator because I am able to meet all of the new potential caregivers.

Why I like working with Seniors: I love listening to all of the stories they have to tell. Not only that, but they have so many valuable life lessons to learn from. Being able to give back to the elderly is very important to me, and this job has given me the opportunity to do so.

How long I have been in the position: I started in January 2017 as a caregiver then became the Administrative Assistant June 2018.

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