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It Takes a Family to Make Person Centered Care Work

One of the biggest challenges with person centered care in the home is that we are generally there for a relatively short period of time. We can do our best to take great care of someone, but the work of person centered care must be carried on by the family if the client is to receive great care. Even if we are there, the family must agree to do those things and make person centered care what it is.

May is a Memorial Month

May brings some great events to celebrate. Memorial Day, Mother’s Day and my Mother’s 92nd birthday. All of them involve honor people that have dedicated their lives to making sure I had a better place to live.

How Person Centered Care Helps Our Clients

You may have heard the term "Person Centered Care" before. It was originated by a gentleman named Tom Kitwood who had observed how institutionalized, cognitively impaired persons were treated very clinically and almost indifferently.

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