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Licensed Nursing Assistant - Londonderry, NH

Right at Home of Southern New Hampshire is looking for Licensed Nursing Assistants in Londonderry, NH and the surrounding area.

Licensed Nursing Assistant provides personal care assistance and other designated duties as a part of a continuing nursing care plan originated and supervised by Clinical Services Manager and RN Clinical Supervisor.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Performs tasks as delegated by the Administrative Team
  • The scope of services provided by an LNA is as follows:
    • Basic personal care and grooming to include:
      • Sponge bathing;
      • Gathering and handing the client materials related to bathing;
      • Regulating the bath or shower water temperature and running the water;
      • Hair care including shampooing;
      • Skin care to include application of preventive skin care products;
      • Filing of nails;
      • Assisting with oral hygiene;
      • Shaving of client using an electric razor; and
      • Dressing to include putting on or removing clothing, shoes, and stockings;
    • Transfer assistance as follows:
      • Weight bearing assistance such as steadying the client and arranging items to assist the transfer of the client; and
      • Non-weight bearing assistance on a case-by-case basis as specified by the agency;
    • Mobility assistance as follows:
      • Accompanying the client as he or she moves from one location to another, removing obstacles from his or her path, opening doors, and handing the client his or her cane or walker;
      • Pushing a wheelchair which has been fitted to the client; and
      • On a case-by-case basis steadying the client as he or she ambulates;
    • Assistance with toileting and toileting hygiene measures as follows:
      • Assistance with the use of the toilet, commode, bedpan, and urinal;
      • Assistance with the use of products related to hygiene care such as disposable incontinent briefs or pads;
      • Assistance with cleaning after elimination;
      • Assisting with cleaning the client after instances of vomiting, diarrhea and incontinence;
      • Assistance with ostomy care in a long term, well healed, trouble free ostomy, such as assisting in application of the stoma bag on a case-by-case basis as individually trained by the HHCP’s director of client services; and
      • Assistance with catheter care
    • Assistance with personal appliances as follows:
      • Insertion and cleaning dentures;
      • Insertion and cleaning hearing aids;
      • Cleaning and putting on eye glasses; and
      • Assisting with application of some types of braces, splints, slings and prostheses on a case-by-case basis as determined by the agency and individually trained by the HHCP’s director of client services; and
    • Assistance with nutrition, hydration, and meal preparation as follows:
      • Preparation of the meal;
      • Arranging food including cutting up or mashing the food;
      • Filling the client’s fork or spoon;
      • Encouraging the client to eat or drink; and
      • Feeding the client by mouth on a case-by-case basis as determined by the agency
    • Performs other duties as directed by supervisor including;
      • Application of TENS unit
      • Assist with oxygen therapy
      • Chest physiotherapy
      • Colostomy irrigations
      • Foley irrigations
      • Incentive Spirometry
      • Application of medicated lotions, ointments, and creams related to skin care (not nitro paste)
      • Pulse oximetry
      • Reminding clients to take medications
      • Routine stable wound care
      • Stump wrapping
      • Vital signs
    • Homemaker services - to include but not limited to laundry, housecleaning, cooking, transporting to and from medical or other appointments, shopping, and companion services
    • Receives direction from clinical and scheduling department
    • Travel Time required

Although the New Hampshire Board of Nursing has approved the following activities as within the Licensed Nursing Assistance Scope of Practice, LNAs may not perform any of the following for clients with Right at Home:

  • Bladder, Colostomy, and NG Irrigations
  • Bladder scan or Doppler
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Change the collar that holds a tracheostomy tube in place
  • Collection of Flu and Strep Swabs
  • Feeding tubes
  • Feedings via pump
  • Finger stick PT/INR testing
  • Foot Care to Diabetics
  • Oral suctioning of mouth and nares
  • Perform Sweat Tests
  • Peripheral vein IV removal;
  • Phlebotomy
  • Removal of Foley Catheters
  • Saline Nasal Lavage
  • Straight urinary catheters
  • Test stool for occult blood
  • Transcribing medical orders
  • Urine Dip
  • Use of GS Vibracare Persussor
  • Vagus nerve stimulation

It is your responsibility to know and understand your scope of practice as a LNA working in the State of NH. Please visit the New Hampshire Board of Nursing website for information regarding your scope of practice.

Essential Behavior Requirements:

  • Empathic: understanding of client’s situation.
  • Compassionate: demonstrating sympathy for client through actions and words.
  • Ethical: following the required rules and standards of the profession.
  • Dependable: arrives to work on time as scheduled.
  • Responsible: taking ownership / accountability for actions.
  • Intuitive: anticipates and is responsive to client’s needs.
  • Reliable: documentation complete and turned in as directed in a timely manner.

Work Ethic:

  • Dependable, arrives to work as scheduled and is productive.
  • Follows through on commitments.
  • Takes initiative by seeking out work and asking questions necessary to accomplish tasks rather than awaiting instruction.
  • Manages time effectively in order to meet deadlines for deliverables and provides timely progress updates.
  • Solves problems through a creative approach not accepting the norm.
  • Develops high quality, accurate and thorough results.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Education: High school graduate or G.E.D. certificate preferred and successful completion of a State approved Nurse Aide or Home Health Aide course and successfully completion of a Competency Evaluation that meets the State licensing law for home health agencies. Current CPR Certificate is recommended. Meets the requirements for employees providing direct patient care. Must have valid driver’s license, reliable transportation for work use and maintain insurance.
  • Experience: Prior experience as Home Health Aide / Caregiver in health care (in homes or facilities) and compassionate attitude toward the care of the sick, and ability to deal effectively with the demands of the job.
  • Reasoning Ability: Must have developed reasoning skills to be able to: apply logic in understanding and carrying out written, oral, or diagram instructions, and to rapidly respond to emergency situations.
  • Language Skills: Read, write, speak and understand English as needed for the job.
  • Mathematical Skills: Must be able to complete basic math problems.

Physical Requirements

  • Ability to pass physical exam, drug test and all background checks.
  • Requires sitting to a significant degree, walking, standing, reaching, handling, talking, hearing, and seeing.
  • Lifting, transporting and/or carrying 10-50 lbs. with frequency.
  • Primarily inside environment at client’s residence protected from the weather conditions.

Per Diem Scheduling

All Caregiver positions are per diem. Right at Home does not guarantee hours or a specific schedule as flexibility is important to meet the needs of our clients. Please also understand that Caregivers who do not accept shifts for Right at Home for a period of 180 consecutive calendar days and do not contact Right at Home within that 180-day period to pursue available shifts will be considered to have voluntarily resigned their employment unless Right at Home has approved a leave of absence for the Caregiver.

Reporting Structure

Your position reports directly to the RN, Operations Manager, who is your supervisor. If you are an LNA, please note that you are responsible to notify your supervisor immediately of any changes in your LNA license including, but not limited to, expiration, suspension, and revocation.

Two Categories of Pay – Visit Time and Non-Visit Time

The visit time described above is all time spent in person with a client and completion of all required documentation pertaining to the client. Visit time is paid at your base rate of pay, plus any applicable shift differential. You will also be paid for all working time that is non-visit time and for that work you will be paid at the applicable minimum wage (currently $7.25/hour). Non-visit time is not eligible for shift differential pay.

Non-visit time is all work performed outside of the time spent in person with the client and completing documentation at the client’s home, including but not limited to: travel time from one client to another client (in accordance with Right at Home’s Travel Time Policy), orientation as well as time spent attending pre-approved meetings (including team meetings), pre-approved training sessions (including in service trainings), performance reviews, meetings for corrective action/disciplinary action, etc. All non-visit time must be reported and submitted weekly on the Time Sheet Certification for Hourly Caregivers Form.

Weekend Differential

All weekend shifts pay $2.00 more an hour effective January 6th, 2019

On-Call Caregiver Time

You may be asked to be on call. Right at Home provides Caregivers with a stipend of $40 per day shift (7am-7pm) and $25 per night shift (7pm-7am) for being on call. Time spent simply being on call is not considered working time as you are free to use the time for your own purposes.

In the event you are on call and receive and respond to a call for an assignment and report to the assignment as required, the “on-call caregiver rate” is $16.00/hour. Whether travel time to the assignment will be paid will be dictated by Right at Home’s Travel Time Policy. If the travel time is paid, it will be paid at the non-visit rate of pay, not the on-call caregiver rate.

Shift differentials do not apply to the stipend pay or the on-call caregiver rate.


As a non-exempt employee, you are eligible for overtime pay for all hours worked in excess of forty (40) in a workweek. Overtime is paid at one and one-half (1.5) times your “regular rate.” We calculate your regular rate by using a weighted average of the two categories of pay (visit and non-visit), including any applicable shift differential pay. If you have On-Call Caregiver time, pay for that time is also included when calculating the regular rate. As mentioned above, your work hours may vary from week to week, based upon Right at Home’s needs and the needs of our clients; no set schedule of work hours is guaranteed.

Holiday Pay

We provide premium pay at 1.5 times your base rate of pay (and any applicable shift differential) for visit time worked on holidays. Please refer to the Holiday policy in the Caregiver Handbook for more information about the holidays we recognize and how the holiday premium pay works. Please note that, as allowed by applicable law, we credit the time and a half holiday premium pay against overtime pay otherwise earned.

24-Hour Live In Arrangements

On occasion we provide 24-hour care to clients through “live in” arrangements where the Caregiver stays in the client’s home for one or more shifts of 24 hours or more. Caregivers are paid differently for this work. If you are asked to work a live in assignment, you will be provided with information in writing about how the pay for that position works.

Recording Your Time

All hours worked (both visit time and non-visit time) must be accurately recorded and certified by you so that we can pay you properly. It is your responsibility to review your time records to ensure their accuracy and to promptly review each paycheck and paystub you receive to ensure accuracy. If there is any incorrect time reported, including incorrect travel time between visits, please notify the office by calling 603-216-9296 immediately. If there are any errors in your paycheck, please notify the office immediately after receiving your paycheck.

You are required to record all working time accurately. You may not report more or less time than you actually worked and you may not round up or down any start or stop time. You also may not work “off the clock.” We require that all working time be recorded so that it can be paid and no employee is permitted to work off the clock.

Recording Visit Time: It is your responsibility to accurately record and certify all of your visit time worked by clocking in and out electronically using the Right at Home Telephony time reporting system. You have been trained on the Telephony system and should feel free to call the office at any time with questions about the system. Please understand that the only telephone you can use to clock in and out of your shifts is the client home telephone number where you are scheduled to work, unless other arrangements have been made and approved in advance by Right at Home. If you have any difficulty clocking in and/or out of any shifts, it is your responsibility to contact the Right at Home office immediately at 603-216-9296.

Recording Non-Visit Time: You must record and certify all non-visit time using the Time Sheet Certification for Hourly Caregivers Form as our Telephony system does not presently allow for tracking non-visit time. Travel time is recorded separately as described below.

Recording Live-In Time: Any time worked in a live-in arrangement is recorded on a separate 24-Hour Live In Time Record.

Travel Time: Travel time is automatically recorded using “reasonable drive time” between locations as calculated by Google Maps. “Reasonable drive time” is the estimated amount of time that it would take to drive from the first location to the second, given normal traffic conditions and that the shortest route was taken. If your drive time is longer than the reasonable drive time on a given day, please call the office immediately at 603-216-9296 to notify Right at Home that the drive was longer than the reasonable drive time and state how much longer it was. The office will update your travel time record for you in these situations so that you will be paid for all of your drive time. It is important that you call as promptly as possible after completing a drive that takes longer than the reasonable drive time so that your time record can be updated promptly and accurately.

If the period between consecutive shifts in the same day is less than or equal to 1 hour you will be paid your non-visit time rate for the entire duration between the two shifts, even if you do not need the full hour for travel.

If the period between two consecutive shifts in the same day is greater than 1 hour and less than or equal to 8 hours, you will be paid for the reasonable drive time between the locations as calculated by Google Maps, but not paid for the remaining time between the shifts as you will be completely relieved from duty and able to use the time for your own personal pursuits. If the period between two consecutive shifts in the same day is greater than 8 hours, then the drive time from the first shift to the second shift is not paid as it is considered ordinary commuting time given the length of the time off between shifts.


You will be reimbursed for mileage driven during compensable (paid) travel time. Please refer to Right at Home’s Travel Time Policy for information on when driving time is compensable. Mileage is currently reimbursed at the $0.41/mile. Right at Home periodically reviews its mileage rate and may adjust it up or down.

If you drive clients for errands or other reasons, complete a Mileage Reimbursement Form and obtain the required client signature. Please note that you must call the Right at Home office for authorization before leaving your client alone and/or before driving your client in your car, their car, or any other vehicle.

You will be reimbursed for mileage for travel from one client to another all in the same day if the time in between the shifts is eight hours or less. The mileage to be reimbursed will be calculated using Google Maps.

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