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Our People

Right At Home Southern Oregon is family owned and operated by Jim & Brooke Fredericks. Jim and Brooke came to Southern Oregon in 2009 after a lifelong search for the perfect place to  live and enjoy family. They established Right at Home in 2011, with a goal of building the finest home care agency in the valley, based on their shared values of family, community, quality of life, and caring. Brooke is the Owner/Administrator, and was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Jim is from the East Coast, and works in Business Development and Staffing.

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Our Story

Brooke and Jim Fredericks

"Brooke and I grew up with a strong sense of family. Our families were both multi-generational, and our lives were made fuller by our connection to our grandparents and great-grandparents. Family wisdom and history was passed down, stories were shared, and we all provided care and support for each other. As the elders in our family grew older, the options at the time for providing the kind of care they needed was limited.

In my case, the lack of such care caused a great rift in our family that was never healed, with members of the family taking opposing sides in a struggle to either support or disassociate themselves from providing care for my great grandmother.

I saw first-hand the need for a more family-oriented, structured and compassionate approach to providing quality care to support not just our elders, but their families as well, providing them all with peace-of-mind. In Brooke’s case, her grandmother was one of the most important people in her life growing up, and she spent a lot of her early years learning from, and subsequently caring for her grandmother, who lived across the street. We both felt out our elders provided more to us than we could ever possibly return.

When we came to the Rogue Valley, we did so with the intent of building a business that reflected our strong beliefs about the importance of improving the Quality of Life for others who faced similar challenges to those we faced growing up. We feel very blessed to work in a business that reminds us constantly of our joyous times with our grandparents, and we are very proud of our Right at Home family; of our caregivers, our clients, our staff, and the families we serve."

- Jim Fredericks, Owner



Owner & Managing Director


Kim Maddox

Operation Manager


Krista Miller

Client Care Coordinator

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