2021 Northwest Central Caregiver of the Year Jenise Beem

Read what Jenise's clients have said about the care she provides:

"On September 8, 2020, Southern Oregon was hit with a disaster of epic proportions. A brush fire that started in Ashland, Oregon was carried by gusting winds across our entire southern valley, torching businesses, neighborhoods, and huge swaths of forest and parklands. Over 3,000 homes burned to the ground, along with many of the restaurants and businesses all of us in the community frequented on a regular basis. In addition to the fires, the air was virtually unbreathable, with dense smoke spreading across the county, creating a dangerous environment for everyone, and particularly our seniors. During this time Jenise was working as a caregiver for my mother, who lived in one of the communities that was threatened by the expanding fire. While helicopters flew overhead, dropping their loads of water in a futile effort to contain the growing blaze, Jenise took the initiative, and helped my mother evacuate and took her to her own home. She fed and provided for my mother and took care of all her needs until the roads cleared enough for my brother to drive out there and pick her up late that night when things were starting to settle down. I don’t know what we would have done without her, she saved my mother’s life. Jenise is far and away my mother's favorite caregiver, and we are so very grateful for her care, concern, and especially her actions on that horrible day." - Bruce and Brian, sons of Roberta "Bobbie"

"Jenise and Tony were a perfect match from the start; both born and raised in southern California, they had an instant connection talking with each other about their respective childhoods and things they loved about where they grew up. Jenise is Tony’s only caregiver and he is her only client, so they spend a considerable amount of time together. Through that time they have formed an inseparable bond. From cute sayings they exchange during Tony’s physical therapy to the occasional fist bump after Tony or Jenise complete a task together, it is no wonder they are such a good match. Joy says
she knew early on Tony liked Jenise when he would ask “where is that girl?” in the mornings before she arrived. Every day about an hour before the end of Jenise’s shift they all gather in the living room and talk about the day and the plan for tomorrow. This time nearly always ends with Jenise and the family erupting in laughter discussing all the great things they had accomplished that day.

When asked to describe Jenise’s care for Tony, Joy says, “Jenise has an intellectual curiosity for Tony’s wellbeing. She goes with the flow. When Tony is having a bad day, Jenise sees that and does not push him too hard. On good days, she provides the encouragement to help Tony accomplish as much as he can on his own. Jenise also accompanies Tony to all his Physical Therapy appointments and says she has learned so much about Parkinson's Disease and how important exercise and stretching is. She finds ways to make PT more enjoyable for Tony by incorporating music. Some of their favorites include ABBA, The Eagles, The Beatles, Elvis, and Johnny Cash. They have even found creative ways to help with core and arm strength by kayaking on chairs. Jenise and Tony also go on long walks to escape the monotony of being stuck at home. According to Joy, Jenise’s care has provided Tony with a new sense of control and brighter outlook on life." - Joy, Wife of Tony

"Jenise is so very personable and professional. She always gives her full and complete attention to all of Fran’s needs while she is there. Fran enjoys here company so much that she refuses to take her usual naps while she's here! Jenise helps Fran get ready each and every morning, making for a fun daily routine: getting dressed, enjoying a nice breakfast and making sure Fran takes a shower. They also take walks together, and Fran and Jenise do their exercises every day! When Fran doesn’t need her help, Jenise is always busy, making sure the house is clean, taking care of the dishes, keeping the laundry going, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the floor and taking out all trash. While juggling all those things, she also engages in conversation with Fran’s friends and family in the house, talking sports and news. Jenise is a real treasure and we are blessed to have her with Fran and the household." - Steven, son of Fran

Read what the Right at Home Office Staff say about Jenise:

"I knew from the moment I first interviewed Jenise that she was someone special--a potential super star. She had a very kind presence about her, and a certain calm that I knew would fit with our clients. After hearing of her experience, I knew she would be a great addition to Right at Home.

Since being hired, Jenise has shown exactly how devoted and passionate she is as a caregiver. She is dependable and reliable for her clients, but also for Right at Home. I have personally called her at midnight to take over a shift from another caregiver. “No problem” was all she said, and she was there within a half hour. As a matter of fact, I cannot recall a hard to fill shift that she has ever said no to. In addition to her great caregiving skills, she has a unique ability to read a client or situation well, enabling her to anticipate client needs well before they ask for it. She has worked with many of our difficult clients, and she has also worked with sometimes non-verbal clients, where that skill is particularly important. She is always energetic and ensures the safety and quality of care wherever she is placed. Every client she has been sent to has requested her return. I was right--she is a super star!" - Krista Miller, Client Care Coordinator

"As you can see from the testimonials above Jenise sets herself apart as an extraordinary caregiver in so many ways, from her dedication to her clients, her reliability and dependability to the Right at Home Office Staff, and to her dedication to attending trainings, setting an example for her co-workers. Her empathy and compassion for her clients and their families also are qualities evident to all.
This has been a challenging year for all of us in the caregiving community, with COVID a constant issue facing our staff, our staff, and most importantly our clients. During this time Jenise has gone out of her way to ensure that her clients and their families are comfortable with how she is personally handling her responsibilities relative to the Covid-19 pandemic. First, she takes the time to understand and train on Right at Home’s policies and procedures surrounding the pandemic and explains it to her clients and families to provide peace of mind. She then listens carefully to their concerns, addresses those concerns, and makes sacrifices of her own to make sure they are comfortable. During the beginning of the pandemic, Jenise devoted all her work time to one family until they were comfortable with the “new normal” of the year 2020.

Jenise supports our office staff by taking extra shifts whenever she is needed. She has also performed monitoring visits in our clients’ home, making sure our caregivers understand and are following our procedures, and are adhering to the care plan. She then updates care plans and supports the other caregivers in the home, leading by example.
In addition to her work with our seniors, office staff, and other caregivers, Jenise also consistently demonstrates her ability to interact with other care partners to make sure we are all acting in the best interest of clients. She herself attends our regular trainings and is always up to date on the latest training requirements, asking good questions to ensure she has a good understanding of the training.

Whether rescuing a client from an approaching fire, providing meaningful interaction with a Parkinson’s client and his family, or just visiting with someone who is looking forward to her
arrival, Jenise seeks to create extraordinary experiences for her clients. Jenise is truly an ambassador for Right at Home in the Community and we are blessed to have her as part of our team."
- Brooke Fredricks, Owner

Brooke Fredricks
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