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A female caregiver talking to an elderly woman in a wheelchair at a flower garden A female caregiver talking to an elderly woman in a wheelchair at a flower garden

Rock Star Caregivers

At Right at Home Southwest Boston, our mission to improve the quality of life for those we serve extends to our caregivers and their families.  We offer plenty of opportunities for our caregivers to expand their knowledge and further their career. It may be a class taught in our office by one of our nurses or access to the Right at Home University where there are literally thousands of topics you can choose from to learn more about, including Alzheimer's Disease, mobility loss and heart disease. We have a career track for you here at Right at Home.

All of our caregivers are amazing, but we want our caregivers to know when they have been recognized for outstanding work, so we have implemented our ROCK STAR program.

Caregivers can be nominated for a ROCK STAR for a number of reasons:

  • If a client calls to tell us how great their caregiver is and how much they love them, that deserves a rock star!
  • If our nurses are doing a supervisory visit and notice a caregiver goes above and beyond, that deserves a rock star!
  • Occasionally, a caregiver may bail out our office staff and go to a client’s home last minute, and the office staff will nominate them for a rock star.

Once a caregiver reaches 5 stars, they are recognized a number of ways:

  • They come into the office to pick up their certificate and a Right at Home shirt.
  • They are recognized in our employee newsletter.
  • They are recognized on our Facebook page.
  • They get a new name badge that shows their ROCKSTAR status!

We feel it’s important to reach out to caregivers when they are doing good work!

Meet some of our ROCK STARS... these are the faces of Right at Home Southwest Boston and truly what makes us have such a great team!

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Benefits of a Right at Home Career

  • Flexible hours & competitive pay
  • A caring, supportive team
  • Paid time & travel
  • Paid training (nurse led)
  • Employee discount programs
  • Recognition programs

Award Winning Home Care

2022 Caring Super Star Winner
2020 | 2021 | 2022

Princess is a double 5-star ROCK STAR. Some of the adjectives her clients have used to describe her are: phenomenal – proactive – wonderful – caring – loving – fantastic – amazing. She truly is an asset to Right at Home.


Lucilia has been nominated for rock stars from the office, her clients and her co-workers! She is always flexible and will help out whenever she is able. Her clients love her and her peers love her. Here is what one of her co-workers had to say about her “she is such a hard worker and does whatever she needs to do. If something needs to be dusted-she dusts! If the client needs something- she does not hesitate.”


Maria is flexible and always willing to help out with fill in shifts. Here’s how our nurse, Kristin, described Maria working with a client exhibiting extremely difficult behavior. She stated “Maria worked tirelessly; never left his side or lost her composure – she could read his agitation and react appropriately”


Congratulations to Jessica B. She is our latest 5 star ROCK STAR! Jessica was nominated from her clients for going above and beyond. Jess has worked for Right at Home for 2 years and always gives her best for her clients. We are truly lucky to have her!

Jessica B. A Five Star Rock Star caregiver for Right at Home Foxboro 

Yay for Tracy! Another 5 star ROCK STAR! Tracy has been super flexible and her clients love her! Thanks for all you do Tracy! We are grateful for such wonderful caregivers.

Tracy M. A Five Star Rock Star caregiver for Right at Home Foxboro 

Yvrose is a RockStar because she consistently goes above and beyond for her clients. One client has multiple monthly appointments and gets very anxious that he is going to miss them. She writes them all out on his calendar with what time she will be there to bring him. She also makes sure his prescriptions get filled and lets our nurses know if there are any changes to his meds.

Caregiving Rockstar Yvrose Charles and staff of Right at Home Southwest Boston  

Her other client has a very specific care plan (worker’s comp) which she follows to a T and communicates with the WC company to ensure documentation is thorough.

Marie J. has been recognized by a number of clients as well as by the office staff. One of her client’s stated that he “LOVES Marie – she is right on top of everything! She was also recognized by one of our nurses because she was quick to recognize a change in condition with one of her clients and got the client the help she needed before it became a major health issue. She was also recognized by our office staff for always being at her clients (no matter what the weather is - even blizzards!)


Marie T. has had numerous clients sing her praises throughout the 9+ years Marie has worked for Right at Home. Here are a few of the great things Marie T.'s clients had to say about her:

Marie "was very engaging and kept client L conversing and laughing."

"Client L thoroughly enjoyed her company."

marie t 

"Marie makes sure she eats a good lunch every visit and if they go out no matter if it is the parking lot for a short walk or to the store Marie always makes sure Client W has enough oxygen with her."

The office staff even sings her praises saying that Marie never fails to help them out last minute and always makes it to her shifts - no matter what the weather is!

Christephanie has been described as kind, gentle and engaging. Her clients all love her, the office staff loves her and the nurses love her! She has helped with last minute shifts, has gone to clients during tough winter storms and most recently had a client call to let us know that “Christephanie saved my life... She immediately recognized that something was wrong and didn’t hesitate to call 911. She was calm and kept me calm and I will be forever grateful to her!


Ellen T’s clients have told us that she is “very helpful and caring” and “Ellen goes out of her way for me.” We've also heard that “Ellen is very compassionate and attentive.”

We agree and we LOVE to hear these things!


Jury always has the client’s best interest in mind. She looks after her clients the same way she would if they were her family member. One of her clients went on and on about how wonderful Jury was and Jury "makes her feel safe and secure." Another client said “She is the best at cleaning, cooking, showering, shopping, EVERYTHING – thank you for the great care Right at Home.

jury rockstar 

We have caregivers that have been with us for over 10 years and we celebrate these milestones!

Today we were able to honor Karen O. on her 10th Anniversary with Right at Home! (even Brody the Wonder-Dog joined in!) Karen has taken care of some long-term clients throughout the years. Here are some things her clients have said about her: "Karen is the best CG I have ever met she gives her 5+ stars" and another stated "Karen is one of the best CG's we've have had for mom and they've all been great". Yet another stated "she is absolutely wonderful and I am VERY appreciative of everything that Karen does". We share the same sentiments and are so grateful to have caregivers like Karen!


Sandy and Jim Pellegrine, along with Brody the Wonder-Dog, celebrating Karen O. on her 10th year anniversary being a Caregiver with Right at Home of Foxboro, MA Sandy and Jim Pellegrine, along with Brody the Wonder-Dog, celebrating Karen O. on her 10th year anniversary being a Caregiver with Right at Home of Foxboro, MA

Denise started with Right at Home shortly after we opened in 2007. Throughout her years at Right at Home, Denise has taken care of some of our most difficult clients, AND she has done it with a smile on her face and given them the dignity they deserved. We appreciate her tenure and are so grateful to everything she has done for Right at Home and her clients!

denise denise

MaryAnn is a caregiver by nature. She owns and operates a daycare out of her home and also works at Right at Home Foxboro part-time on the weekend. MaryAnn’s clients LOVE her and always have many positive things to say about her. We are so thankful for her tenure at Right at Home and appreciate everything she does for her clients!

Thank you, MaryAnn!

maryann maryann

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