Senior Stress Management For A Healthy, Balanced Life

Stress Management for Seniors in Springfield, MO

At home elder care plays an important role in helping seniors managing stress.

Caregiver and Senior Enjoying a Beverage Together While Seated Outside at Table Surrounded by Fall Trees Managing stress is something we all have to deal with in our lives. Stress can come about through our jobs and raising children, and a number of other things. It’d be nice to think that our retirement years would carry less stress, but that’s frequently not the case. Elderly people have new sources of stress around their health, finances, and of-ten a general feeling of loss.

At Right at Home of Springfield, MO, our at home elder care experts are accustomed to working with clients who struggle with such issues. Our caretakers have several strategies to lighten the load of the daily lives of older people so they can enjoy their golden years the way they’re supposed to.

Some Simple Methods of Dealing With Stress

Stress in a person’s life is something that can’t be ignored, but needs to be confronted head-on. As a caregiver, it helps if you have several different methods of relieving the stress in the life of your loved one. Here are a few that the caretakers at Right At Home have found to be the most effective.

  • Note the Sources of Stress — It can be easier to cope with an issue once it’s properly identified. Encourage your loved one to locate whatever it is that’s bothering them and write it down. By narrowing down the sources of stress to one or two items, they’re easier to talk about and you might even be able to come up with a resolution.
  • Stay Active — Exercise is beneficial in innumerable ways. In addition to the physical benefits, going for a walk or a swim for just 30 minutes day can help reduce stress in a person’s life, putting them in a better mood throughout the day.
  • Find Quiet Time — Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes relaxation. Some people like to meditate, while others prefer a good book. Whatever you loved one might prefer, remind them to disconnect from media once in a while so they can enjoy some calming quiet time away from things that might bother them.
  • Stay In Touch — Loneliness is a common problem for the elderly. Make sure your loved one is keeping tabs on their friends and family. If they need assistance, set up phone and Zoom calls for them, and provide them with transportation should they need it.
  • Laughter Works — While laughter may not be the “best” medicine, it’s extremely valuable in fortifying one’s mental health. Watch a funny movie with a parent or grandparent. Set up small social gatherings of friends and loved ones. Do whatever you think is helpful in encouraging a festive environment for the elderly person in your life.

A Commitment to Providing the Best At Home Elder Care in Springfield, MO

At Right At Home, we care for our clients as if they’re our own family. Our caregivers watch over for the vitally important day-to-day physical needs of our clients such medications, diet, and hygiene, but they do much more than that. They also see to their mental and spiritual needs by engaging in conversations, providing transportation, and assisting them with their hobbies and other activities.

To learn more about how your loved one can benefit from the thoughtful at home elder care of Right At Home caregivers, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us today at (417) 350-1004.

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