Eye Health Tips for Seniors in Springfield, MO

Healthy Eyes Are An Essential Part Of Caring For The Elderly

client and caregiverFor those of us fortunate enough to have good eyesight for most of our lives, we rely on having healthy eyes for almost everything we do. Good eyesight is important for enjoying things in life, but it’s also necessary for maintaining our independence. That’s why seniors, in particular need to make sure they’re doing all they can to protect their eyesight.

Whether you’re a senior, or you’re providing elderly care for an older loved one in your family, here are some valuable tips for maintaining good eyesight.

  • Eat Healthy — A nutritious diet contributes to every facet of our health, even our eyes. Foods that contribute to healthy eyes include those that are rich in vitamin C such as strawberries, red bell peppers and oranges, and foods with plenty of antioxidants including kale, sweet potatoes and carrots.
  • Sunglasses — The Sun can damage your eyes much as it does the skin. When you’re outside, always keep a pair of sunglasses around for protection. Another suggestion: a floppy hat. Everyone looks good in a big, floppy hat.
  • Wear Your Prescriptions — Eyeglasses and contacts are meant to help your vision, but they also protect your eyesight because they prevent you from having to strain your eyes to look at things. Avoid ever going without them, so you can give your eyes a break.
  • See Your Eye Doctor — If you’ve always had good eyesight, it might not occur to you to see an eye doctor. Regular eye appointments, however, are an essential part of elderly care. Even if you don’t have any complaints right now, a doctor can detect and address conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma, and others before they become a problem.
  • Exercise — Low-Impact workouts such as walking and bike riding increase blood flow in the body, and that’s important for eye health. The more blood that’s delivered to your eyes, the more oxygen the cells receive, making them behave more efficiently.

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Nothing contributes more to long-term eye health than preventative care. Taking simple steps like those listed above will help you maintain your eyesight long into the future, improving your quality of life.

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