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"Lowell Coon will tell you how fast life can change. Three short years ago Lowell won multiple medals at the Senior Olympics Nationals in Minneapolis, MN. Beginning next month, the VetAssist Program of Veterans Home Care will have the honor of serving him.

Lowell, with a grin and a sparkle in his eye, shows his medals from the Navy, that his daughter had frames for him to display. They are hung directly over a large picture of the Mayflower. He told me, "I served on the Mayflower!" Then, I laughed.

Lowell actually served on the Prince William in the South Pacific during WWII. Now, he is enjoying life in his own home but needs a little help, because he has a hard time seeing due to macular degeneration. His heart is so full of life and love for his family, but it is not in the best of shape and it makes it difficult to walk steadily and do the routine activities of daily living now. He and his daughter decided that the VetAssist Program would be a perfect solution to get him the little bit of help he needed. Lowell chose a local agency called Right at Home and is looking forward to meeting his new home care aide.

VA Aid & Attendance is a non-service related pension and is a wonderful benefit that Lowell qualifies for. Although he was actually overseas during WWII, the requirement for the wartime service only requires that he served during any period of wartime defined by Veterans Affairs in any capacity. There are other qualifiers that experts in the VetAssist program helped him to navigate as well.

Lowell has been giving his grandchildren his swimming medals as his legacy to them. He wants to encourage them to try new things and enjoy the challenge. Bonnie Laiderman, CEO and founder of Veterans Home Care, is creating a legacy of her own. She promised her own mother, on her death bed, she would find a way to help veterans and their surviving spouses to get the home care that they need and to make the application process easier for them. She has helped Lowell and 15,000 others nationwide.

Veterans Home Care is enjoying its 15th anniversary and has continually grown and excelled in a field that was developed to honor those, through home care services, who have so bravely served our country. This year, Bonnie was honored by the Better Business Bureau by being awarded the Golden Torch Award to Veterans Home Care.

Lowell has made a difference in the lives of all of us through his service and his lifetime of facing new and exciting challenges head on. We at the VetAssist Program are proud and honored to be serving him."

- Shiela Boutwell, Regional Manager - Veteran's Home Care

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