Aging in Place: Should We Keep the Elderly in Their Own Homes?

Aging in place refers to the process of a person that stays in their home as long as they are able to. It occurs during the time in a person's life when they are still able to complete the daily tasks of life and continue their independence.

However, if your loved one is getting older, you may be wondering about whether it's the right idea to keep the elderly in their own home. Here is what you should know about aging in place and what is required to keep the elderly in their own homes.


The number one reason most seniors want to age in place is because they want to maintain their independence. They already know where their things are, how everything works, and love the fact that it's their own, which builds confidence for seniors. While this may be a good arrangement for the earlier years, the desire for independence can actually start to hinder independence once someone is at the stage where they need care.

Familiar Surroundings

Many seniors dread the idea of living in a home that they've lived in for years, that is familiar to them and is filled with memories and comfort. However, if the situation has progressed to the point where the senior is no longer able to maintain a home, other considerations become necessary. At this point, it may be a better idea in order to keep the elderly in their homes to hire a caregiver to provide assistance.

Considerations of Aging in Place

Aging in place requires that seniors are able to do the activities of daily living (ADLs). Whether they can keep up with tasks such as shopping, driving, home upkeep, and driving, are critical and they should be able to do them with little to no help from others.

The best thing that family and friends can do to keep the elderly in their homes is to pay attention as you spend time with them. They may start to experience issues on a regular basis, which means that it might be time to consider looking into aging in place caregiver services.

Safety Is a Major Aging in Place Concern

When seniors are living independently at home and there is a concern about them being able to complete daily living activities. it can't be ignored. They may start a fire by forgetting about the oven or trip and fall. If these things begin to happen, then it's time to reconsider at home elderly care services even if the senior objects.


As seniors age, they often feel less confident about leaving the home. Mobility issues and lowered self-confidence can lead to isolation. While it might be a good idea to keep the elderly in their homes for familiarity reasons, a lack of companionship can easily lead to declines in mental health. If you think your loved one is spending more and more time in isolation, at home caregiving could provide the social contact that they need.

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