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Mentor Program

We set each new hire up with the Mentor Program and you have 30 days to complete the first section and then meet with your assigned mentor from our case management team. We try to match by personality and background. This mentor piece has been such an important piece in acclimating new members into our culture/world/family. We want to help you often, through follow ups, trainings, intros, phone coachings, and just be available to you.

Depending on your level of experience, we choose the IPCED courses to fill the levels or the in-house in-services we want you to attend and also let you choose courses of interest.

30-Day Mentor Program Checklist

Earn Right at Home Gear and hourly rate review upon completion

  • Arrive on time to all scheduled shifts
  • Clock in and out for all scheduled shifts, complete tasks and report change in conditions
  • Study POC upon accepting assignments and call coach to prepare for shifts
  • Call mentor after each new first shift
  • Call mentor at least once per week for the first 30 days and update on RAHU progress
  • RAHU/IPCED - Harvard
  • RAHU/IPCED - Managing Your Work & Avoiding Caregiver Stress (CARE129)
  • RAHU/IPCED - Boundaries in Homecare & Hospice (CARE137)
  • RAHU/IPCED - Be Reliable - Following Through (COMM104)

Training Program

Our goal was not only to allow you to be in charge of your own advancement, but to put the ball in your court. We ask you to let us know when you’ve completed courses in each section and set up your appointments with your mentor to be able to move onto the next level.

We recently started setting AP meetings every six months alphabetically. So, first week we schedule any caregiver whose last name begins with A or B, 2nd C or D, 3rd E or F, etc. If you don’t make your meeting, you can call to schedule one again, otherwise it will be another six months.

Each caregiver has a digital file with all paperwork from application, on-boarding, courses attended and any employment documents. We save a copy of this file so all in the office can access it and work on it with the caregiver if needed.

The first 30 days is our probationary period while you are working through the Mentor Program. Then, you are in charge of your own advancement!

Due to the hours needed in each level, Right at Home has caregivers in each level. These groups of caregivers are the professionals representing Right at Home and making us look amazing by going above and beyond. They do this because they LOVE it and we love them.

Bronze Level: Increase hourly rate 25 cents

  • 600 hours worked
  • Complete four RAHU courses assigned by mentor

Dementia Training Level: Earn 4 hours planned PTO

  • 1200 hours worked
  • Complete paid, training wage Dementia Training
  • Creating Moments of Joy 1, 2, and 3

Silver Level: Increase hourly rate 25 cents

  • 2000 hours worked
  • Complete four RAHU courses assigned by mentor

Hospice Training Level: Earn 4 hours planned PTO

  • 3000 hours worked
  • Complete paid, training wage Hospice training

Gold Level: Increase hourly rate 35 cents

  • 4000 hours worked
  • Complete seven RAHU courses assigned by mentor
  • Write a 1-page essay 'How have you made a difference in a client's life'

Diamond Level: Increase hourly rate 40 cents

  • 5000 hours worked
  • Complete 7 RAHU courses assigned by mentor
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